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Huawei and Apple on Knees, Samsung and Xiaomi Grow – Smartphone Sales in Europe

The latest smartphone sales results in Europe make it clear: Huawei is losing customers in this part of the world, as is Apple. Samsung and Xiaomi, meanwhile, are celebrating huge sales growth. And you, which smartphone did you buy in the second quarter of 2019?

What she looked like smartphone sales in Europe in the second quarter of 2019? Has Samsung defended its leading position? How did the confusion over Huawei affect sales? Does Xiaomi conquer the Old Continent?

The Canalys think tank gave us answers to these and other questions.

Europe feared Huawei's problems

Fig. Canalys

Fig. Canalys

I doubt the largest group of maniaKów is wondering if and how much listing Huawei has on the US blacklist and the consequences that will result in the sale of Chinese brand smartphones. It turns out pretty significant.

From April to June 2019, Huawei was sold on our continent 8.5 million smartphones, thus acquiring 18.8% of the shares. So by 16% reduction from year to yearwhen usually the Chinese boast of growth. As you can see ban the US did its job.

Who took advantage of Huawei's problems?

Generally, smartphone sales in Europe dropped by around 100,000 pieces, so we can basically talk about stagnation, not slowdown. This means that Huawei's problems must have been used by someone and these companies are Samsung and Xiaomi.

Samsung delivered 18.3 million smartphones to customers in Europe, or 18.3% of the total 20% increaseAs you can see, the Galaxy A series and top models have to sell really well. Despite this, Koreans are still jealous of Xiaomi's growth.

Xiaomi managed to increase sales by as much as 48%, which yielded 4.3 million units sold. If this continues, the Chinese will chase away Apple.

And when it comes to Americans …

Apple is losing, like the rest of us

Apple doesn't have problems like the ones Huawei faces, so the manufacturer is to blame for itself sales fell 17% from 7.7 million to 6.4 million units.

Other manufacturers are weakening as well. Individually, the report only mentions HMD Global (18% reduction) and the rest … it's simple residue, also with a significant decline (-18%).

As you can see among the largest smartphone makers in Europe, only Samsung and Xiaomi are growing in strength

Is that your merit too?


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