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Jadwiga Emilewicz in an expanded role. Expert: "Can she use knowledge and contacts"

Jadwiga Emilewicz, who previously managed the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology, remains in government and is gaining new competencies. From now on, it will lead the Ministry of Development. Jadwiga Emilewicz will look after construction and tourism.

– tech startups operate in different sectors of the intertwined economy. There are startups to modernize these sectors. Project management in the field of tourism or infrastructure can be used to benefit modern start-up companies – says Julia Krysztofiak-Szopa, President of the Startup Poland Foundation.

– The Minister is aware of what the startup market in Poland looks like. Today's challenges are not the lack of capital or people who work. Today, much more capital is needed to grow. These challenges cannot be answered by dismissing from ZUS or by the office at the beginning of the assistance. We need to facilitate export or access to public procurement. I hope that Minister Emilewicz will be able to use his knowledge and contacts in a new role and accelerate these processes.

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Krysztofiak-Szopa notes that the promotion of technology companies should be aligned with the activities of Polish diplomacy. – Startup Poland cooperated with both institutions and PAIH. There was a lack of consistency. Officials did not know exactly what Polish startups were and how to introduce them to foreign investors.

Just a month ago, Emilewicz told PAP that in his activities in government, he had two goals: to increase the number of young tech startups and to attract more private funds investing in startups in the Polish market.

– We wanted this market to come to life. Ideas will have global potential if we have foreign investors. Today we can say that this goal has been achieved – she said.

– The projects she managed were the introduction of various simplifications to the business, such as the creation of a Simple Joint Stock Company, a small ZUS or a law on public procurement. She managed it successfully. What can be blamed is that the regulatory changes took too long – commented the head of the Startup Poland Foundation.

As he points out: – When it comes to importing foreign capital, something may apply because of new competencies.

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QUESTION ON SAVINGAnd these whole startups are what pkb produces.?

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That's goodIt is even very good that Mrs Emilewicz may still be in government. She is a competent person and I hope she will remain so and she will not relent … Read it all

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