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Kalamata in Tychy – The Kitchen of Revolution. Magda Gessler is coming to action [OPINIE, MENU, CENY]

Kalamata Kitchen Revolution

The Kitchen Revolutions Department in Tychy at the Greek Zorba Conch, which Magda Gessler has changed in Kalamata, will be available on TVN on Thursday, November 8, 2018, at 9.30 pm. How did the revolution of the Greek cuisine in Kalamata have started? It will surely be an episode full of emotions – even a fire brigade will appear! Will Magda Gessler succeed in helping the restaurant? We'll see soon.

If you are a fan of Magda Gessler and Kitchen Revolutions, be sure to:

Kalamata menu, prices

What can you find in the menu at the Greek tavern Kalamata in Tychy after the kitchen rush? What did Magda Gessler add to the menu? We present selected items from the pricing menu:

  • GIOUVARLAKIA – traditional meat soup, flavored with fresh lemon and cream juice, served with lamb and pork meatballs – PLN 15
  • HALLOUMI – baked cheese from sheep, goat and cow milk served from tzatziki – PLN 15
  • BIFTEKI – pork and sheep meat stuffed with feta cheese, potatoes on Greek or rice, tzatziki – PLN 27
  • SOUFLAKI – Grilled meat sauce, long marinated in herbs, Greek potatoes or rice, tzatziki – PLN 26
  • KOLOKITHOKEFTEDES – golden pancakes with vegetable and tzatziki grilled zucchini – PLN 20
  • GIAOURT PAGOTA – hand-made ice cream based on Greek yoghurt with ouzoa and honey additive – PLN 14

For those who are afraid to try or dislike Greek cuisine, Kalamata tavern has also prepared typical snacks, including:

  • ROLAND – caterpillar with red cabbage – PLN 28
  • SCHABOWY – Pork with potatoes and fried cabbage – PLN 22
  • ŻUREK (WEEKENDY) – Slesia soup with sausages, potatoes, eggs and bacon – PLN 13

Kalamata reviews

The effects of the revolution of the kitchen in Greek tavern Kalamata will best be highlighted by guest opinions that can be found on the Internet. Selected from them we give down (original spelling, opinions do not have to be in line with the editorial board):

– I recommend Bardzoo, a rich and varied menu, great food at a fairly decent price. Waiting was not too long, during which we could taste the delicious starter. This was certainly not the last visit – writes Piotr.

"I was there with my whole family for dinner the next day after the end of the kitchen revolutions, she thought" WOW. " Unfortunately, my disappointment turned out to be the restaurant's bad, unrecognizable menu and very slow service. We ordered a lamb stew of PAIDAKIA and roasted peppers GEMISTA. Lamb on the plate each cat cried and pepper tasted and spicy. I'm disgusted after I visit this place and I think this restaurant is not worth the recommendation – believes Magdalena.

– Delicious food, the atmosphere of a small Greek pub. Minus is not happy about the staff – Edy thinks.

– The food is very good !!! But … They're coming, ordering a starter, a soup, and another meal. Wait a starter: one plate, three pieces. After a while, the rest comes: one soup and one meal !!! Really ?????
Worse still, we do not apologize for anything. The second soup came very quickly, but there was no talk of eating together.
Not weak, nooo! Marcin added.

Kalamata episodes online

The Kitchen of Revolution in Greek Tavern in Tychy will be available on TVN on Thursday, November 8, At 21.30. The Kitchen Revolution Section at Kalamata Connoisseur can also be viewed online at player.pl:

Kalamata cuisine revolution online

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