Sunday , June 20 2021

Kamil Glik will leave the ship drowning and returning to Turin?

Italian media say Torino does not intend to postpone and wants to bring its ex captain this winter (Glyc played in Turin in 2011-2016). According to the website, Kamil Glik is a priority on the transfer list of the Turin club. It is worth adding that the former club of the Polish defender has a high position in the league and has a real chance to promote European cups. The same can not be said of Monaco. The Frenchman did not win 19 matches and took the last place in the league table.

The problem may be one. It is about money that Torino will pay to Monaco for the transfer. Glik is valued at about € 15 million, and the Italian club can not afford such a huge expense. The Turin authorities also have spare options. It would be much cheaper to bring Francesco Vicari from Cagliar or Fabio Pisacane from Spalato. Paul has painted Monaco since June 2016, and his contract expires only in June 2018.

Polish national players playing in the Extraliga can also change clubs. The closest player from the country is a youth footballer – Sebastian Szymański. Legia Warsaw midfielder earlier this season was close to signing a contract with CSKA Moscow. However, transmission has passed in the last minute. Now the offer came from Italy, more precisely from Naples. Obviously, Sam Carlo Ancelotti asked Piotra Zieliński about his talented 19-year-old. Price also makes an impression. The Italian media mentioned the amount of 8 to 10 million euros, which is the soccer cosmos for Polish conditions. So far the most expensive transfer to Ekstraklasi was Jan Bednarek, for which Southampton paid Lech Poznan 6m euros.

Jagiellonia Białystok can also lose its leader in the second row. Taras Romanczuk is in the sights of Turkish and English clubs. The 26-year-old negotiated with such brands as Turkish Akhisar Belediyespor or even Hungarian Champion MOL See in the summer. However, the English media reported that several clubs from the championship were interested in Poland.

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