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Kayah had a nice fit at the wedding! "I totally made this vodka"

Wedding guests of the distinctive Kayah show (51 years old) will probably never forget …

The singer has been on the scene for many years. During that time, she was able to give thousands of interviews, but no one probably expected such recognition.

Recently, Kayah, in a sign of sincerity, has told of a beautiful meltdown that happened to her years ago.

After drinking vodka, the singer ran into strangers at a wedding and made quite a noise.

"I once did such an action. I went to Tykocin near Białystok to meet my aunt. We were at a restaurant and there was a wedding in the next room. After a while, the groom's mother came because everyone knew each other. The lady brought us a wedding guide. Moreover, it turned out that my friends from New York were also having fun at this wedding, so it was a date after many years.

Going out of there so very cheerfully, I heard that right-to-left & # 39; is starting to play on stage so i started screaming and said they should stop it and i will perform. They started playing and I forgot the lyrics … But I had a good intention! "- said Kayah in an interview with Vogule Poland.

Would you expect such behavior from her?

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