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Kraski's case is back, the prosecution is reversing the request

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The prosecution no longer wants to continue the Kraski trial.

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Kraska awaits acquittal (TVN facts of July 9)

The Regional Prosecutor's Office has withdrawn a request to reopen the Arkadiusz Kraska case – the Supreme Court's press team said. A man has spent 20 years in prison for double murder, though new evidence is in place to prove his innocence. – There will be no convictions, – says his defense attorney Michał Kałużny.

– On August 12, 2019, the Supreme Court received a letter from a regional prosecutor in Szccecin in the case of Arkadiusz K. The content of this request contains a statement of withdrawal of the request for a retrial. Successful withdrawal of the request requires the consent of the convict – the Supreme Court's press team informed us.

This is confirmed by Michał Kałużny, defender of Arkadiusz Kraska, in an interview with us. "Such an agreement is needed in this situation," he said. And announced that there would be no such consent of the convict. He added that he had not yet received full information and did not know the contents of the application.

No comment

Kraska himself said he had not received such information and would not comment on the case for now.

The Szczecin Regional Prosecutor's Office declined to comment on this case. We were asked to send an email with a question – it was sent late Tuesday afternoon. We haven't received an answer yet.

A request to continue the case and – initially – to acquire Krasko, was submitted by a regional prosecutor's office in Szccecin in March this year. The request indicated that a crime could have been committed during the investigation, including the preparation of evidence and materiality, which influenced the court's decision.

After receiving a request to continue the Kraski case, the Supreme Court suspended the execution of his sentence in 2001 against him in early May and the man was released. Along with his detention, he has been in prison for almost 20 years.

In early July, the Supreme Court received another letter from the prosecution, in which the request in the Kraski case was surprisingly altered and a motion to reopen the case and refer it to the trial court for a retrial instead of an acquittal.

The media case

In early July, the Supreme Court adjourned the trial and ordered the prosecution to present a "unique and internally consistent" position on the new facts or evidence in the case within a month.

Kraska's case has been widely described in the media. On March 7, 2001, a district court in Szccecin sentenced a man to life in prison for the double murder he was awarded in September 1999. That judgment was upheld by the Poznan Court of Appeal on 3 July 2001.

According to media reports, the killing happened as a result of a settlement between criminal groups – Marek C. and Robert S. died from gunshot wounds near one of the gas stations in Szczecin.
The testimony of two anonymous witnesses was central to the charges and subsequent convictions. They both recognized Krask as one who is a law enforcer. He should have used a muffled weapon (ballistics did not confirm it). One pointed to Jarosław H., the other did not remember him. There were many such inaccuracies in their testimony. Kraska's alibi was given by his girlfriend and colleague, who testified in court that they had watched the match in Poland together.

Radio Zet was the first to announce the withdrawal of the plaintiff's claim.

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