Saturday , September 18 2021

Kukiz15 turned into a political party? Kukiz unambiguously

Last Friday, MP Marek Jakubiak decided to leave Kukiz & # 15; 15. One week ago, Kukiz Club also left MP Jakub Kulesza, who joined Freedom Party Janusz Korwin-Mikke. Last year MP Adam Andruszkiewicz left the club. At the end of October, Jakubiak had kindly expressed both deputies. Kukiz responded with the following inscription: "Marek, follow them, if you want them right!"

At the beginning of last week Jakubiak, speaking of the situation in Kukis15, "turning the ineffective organization under the headline of the association can only cause the situation to worsen." – I'll just organize Kukis15 and be fun. If someone does not want to be at the party, he will be in the association, "Jakubiak said.

Kukiz today announced in Radio Trójka that "there is absolutely no possibility for Kukiz15 to become a political party". – There is, it does not exist and will not. As it was without me. I prefer not to go beyond the threshold of Sejma, but to give up on the basic postulates, ie "tax" the state through political changes and not move, as I said, the taxpayer's money forced from his pockets – Kukiz emphasized.

Asked if Kukiz would withdraw the recommendation to Marek Jakubiaku, sitting on the VAT auditing committee, the traffic leader replied that Jakubiak did not perform any functions at the club. "Today we have a club meeting and the club decides," he said. Asked if Jakubiak would leave his recommendation, Kukiz repeated that the club would decide on it. "I'm not a dictator who will decide for the club, what we should do in a particular situation," he emphasized.


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