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League of Nations: defeat of the Italian against France. Polish on the hair of the Final Six

In the 14th game, the French team won Italy 3: 1 and did not only for themselves but for Poland, which gave this result to the Final Six Nations League in the United States.

Tomasz Rosiński

Tomasz Rosiński

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The match in Brazil promised to be interesting, and the Italians had to win to stay in the promotion for the LN Finals in the United States. However, French wins wanted to seal their participation in the Final Six and went into a very concentrated fight. Benjamin Toniutti, who worked well with Barthelemy Chinenyeze in the middle of the net (10: 7), played well since the start of the competition. Over time, Italy came to vote, improving the efficiency of the offensive and leading to 18:18. In the end, they played an advantage, in which they kept colder blood in Tri-color, triumphing at 25.

It seemed to be irritated by the defeat in the inaugural rally, the accusations of Gianlorenza Blengini would go down to work and quickly lead to a rift in this battle (7: 9). However, Azzurrich's illness was his own mistakes, which they finally began to throw away. In French ranks Kevin Tillie woke up and mostly because of him, Les Bleus won 18:13. Italy could no longer make up for those losses and it was 19:25.

It is true that the Italian team still took the glove during this match and won the third (25:21) victory. However, in the fourth game, Frenchman Tillie and Jean Patry headed for destruction, defeating 25:20.

League of Nations, 14th round (Brazil):

France – Italy 3: 1 (27:25, 25:19, 21:25, 25:20)

France: Toniutti, Chinenyeze, Louati, Tillie, Le Roux, Boyer, Grebennikov (free) Rossard N. (free), Lyneel, Brizard, Rossard T., Bultor, Patry.

Italy: Russian, Antonov, Lavia, Pinali, Sbertoli, Mazzone, Pesaresi (free) the Polo, Cavuto, Spirito, Argenta, Raffaelli.


Brazil – Canada / Sunday, 30. Tlipnja 2019 01:00

League of Nations Table 2019:


Ordering rules in the table: 1. a greater number of wins; 2. more points; 3. the higher the default ratio; 4. a higher ratio of small points; 5. Better balance in face-to-face meetings.

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