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League of Nations. Portugal – Poland 1: 1. Milik used a penalty kick

Milik is a player who in recent years has failed to save his destiny. Despite the very serious injuries of both knees (he broke the ligaments in them), he returned to the game convinced each time. Even if something did not work in his life or on the field, he gave the impression he was embarrassed.

No fear

In the game against Portugal in Guimaraes Milik appeared in the main role. He needed to play in the 9th position, which Robert Lewandowski usually hurt this time. 63 minutes into the match, Napoli found himself free to score after a counterattack was not successful. The referee showed the player who played a red card and dictated the penalty.

An injured person approached the ball. Presentations are Lewandowski's domain. Milik was not afraid to replace him. I was very relieved to reach the goal, but the referee ordered the eleven, because in his opinion the players came too fast to the penalty area. Poles protested, muttered. Beto's keeper tried to turn Milik away, and the time before eleven months was longer and longer. All this did not affect Milik in any way. He fired again at the same angle and Beto was again helpless.

Source: PAP / EPA Using criminals was no problem for Milica

Hard time

This is Milic's first goal in the national team qualifying match against the Kazakhstan Cup on September 4, 2017.

Later, the young assailant collapsed the ligament into his knee and came in form for a very long time. Coach Adam Nawałka also counted on the return and even released the basic composition at the first match of the World Cup with Senegal (1: 2). It ended bad, Milik was far from the previous mood, changed in the second half and did not play in the tournament.

Jerzy Brzęczek also counts on a 24-year-old striker since the beginning of his mandate – he has given him four of the six games. In a friendly match with Ireland, Milik achieved an assistant in the liking of Mateusz Klich. However, with his opponent's effectiveness, it was worse. In the memory of the fans, the situation with the encounter with Italy in Chorzów, lost by the attacker Naples, has definitely been written down. Milik was very close to gaining his way to the opponent's goal and sent the ball to a stop wide. This guess can give us three points, giving the line a moment.

"I always get goals primarily for representation, not for myself. I'm not just focusing on getting goals, because the more people are stuck, the worse. First of all, I want to win our team – Milik said before meeting in Guimaraes. If White-Reds scores points for their hits, no one will be offended.

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