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M for love: Łukasz played a different actor! Adrian Żuchewicz left the series of series: Magazyn :: RMF FM

TV series hit TV is preparing a lot of changes. Soon, Łukasova's story will return to the television screens, which will prove to be pretty disturbing. That would be enough, Adrian Żuchewicz, who has been playing for eight years, will not play him, but a completely different actor! When will the spectators again see Łukasz Wojciechowski and who will play the main character of the series "M jak miłość"?

The new episodes "M jak miłość" bring a lot of changes and surprises. One of them will surely be the story of Łukas, son of Mars. The boy after leaving Colombia will find his way back to Poland. However, this will not be full of roses, but very dark and intricate. Wojciechowski has come into great trouble. However, this is not the only change that is waiting for the emma's viewers. Adrian Żuchewicz will not play the role of Łukas. This will be another glorious change in the case of this hero.

Attorney at law

Łukas Wojciechowski's wire was silent as he left with Kamil in Colombia. After time, Marta Budzyńska left her son. Since then, there has been a lost discussion of Marti and Łukas. This happily returns. Viewers will be the first to see a lawyer, and in early 2019 Wojciechowski will appear on television screens. The young man will return to Poland, draw a dark story behind him.

In the 1398 episode "M jak miłość" Andrzej will contact Martha to ask about Łukas. During the interview, Budzyński will find out that her former husband and her daughter moved from Colombia to Berlin. All because her lover got a job there. The lawyer will then ask about Łukas. Then Budzyńska will declare that Łukasz does not stay with her because she is busy with her affairs. Andrzej will tell her she can not contact Wojciechowski for some time. "I can not contact him, he does not answer my calls, I just wanted to talk and find out what's going on with him," says Budzyński. In response, he heard that everything was OK with Łukasz. Still, Marta will quickly finish the conversation.

Soon Martha will come to Poland unexpectedly. The woman will ask her ex-wife for an urgent meeting, stating that it is Łukasz. When the spouses meet, Budzyńska will entrust Andrzej about the problems of her son. Then the viewers will find out that Łukasz went on a dangerous track – he became a drug dealer and disappeared without a trace. "Do not even talk about Magdi," Marta will ask her ex-husband.

The fate is that at about the same time Luka will return home to Poland. In the 1417th episode of the series, Wojciechowski decides to relax and sleep at a gas station near Warsaw. The man who dribbles will be interested in two thieves who will want to rob him. Fortunately, it will not work. When the station employee decides to call the police, Wojciechowski will quickly escape. A few hours later, he will stand in front of Budzyńskog's door, which Magda will open.

To make no doubt, the boy would explain to Chodakowski that during his stay in Colombia he completed rehabilitation studies and worked as a physiotherapist. Sadly, after she urged her mother to come to Berlin, she was not so happy and could not find a job in the profession. That's why he decided to go back to Poland. The problem is that it will not be much true. Without knowing anything, Magda would suggest Luke to address Olek.

However, Budzyński will know about Lukash's problems and will at some point openly ask Łukas if he is dealing with drugs. The boy would lie in his lively eyes assuring him he did not escape and returned to Poland. Wojciechowski, who will remain with Andrzej and Magd at the time, in the meantime, holding a piece of stimulus and money in the closet in the bathroom.

During the stay of Łukas and Mars in Poland there will be a meeting of reconciliation between mother and son. Then he will assume that Wojciechowski has hostility to his mother, rejecting, among other things, the help she offers in finding a job. Somewhat more favorable, Łukasz will react to a joint trip to Grabin to meet with Basia's grandmother. Unfortunately, the stay will not be successful because the young man will get a phone call from abroad while talking to the elderly. The conversation will show that Wojciechowski not only escaped Germany because of the debt but also caused danger for himself and his relatives!

Łukaszovo's third face

When in the 1417 episode "M jak Miłość", Łukasz appears on television screens, viewers will not see the face of Adrian Żuchewicz. The actor, for unknown reasons, decided to finish the job on the series. His role was taken by Jakub Józefowicz, whose involvement in "Emka" has been known for some time. The first of the surprising changes was announced by the magazine "Świat Seriali", which put on the cover of a photo of the TV series Marta and Łukasz.

Jakub Józefowicz will be the third actor to play Łukasz Wojciechowski. Originally played by Franciszek Przybylski, son Agnieszka Glińska and Filip Przybylski. However, after several years the actor gave up his role, giving him Adriana Żuchewicz. However, he also decided not to continue his work at the "Emki" gathering. The return of Łukasz's story meant finding another actor who would be the son of the famous director.

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