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M like love. Magda will learn about the romanticism of Budzyński and Anka: "Two faces …"

M for love, Anka (Weronika Rosati), Andrzej Budzyński (Krystian Wieczorek), Magda (Anna Mucha)
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M for love, Anka (Weronika Rosati), Andrzej Budzyński (Krystian Wieczorek), Magda (Anna Mucha)

In "M jak Miłość" promises to fight for Budzyński (Krystian Wieczorek). On the side of Magda (Anna Mucha), Andrzej has found true love, happiness and peace, but in the new episodes "M jak Miłość" in early 2019, the weakness of a former lawyer will come back. There will be an old lover Anka Waszkiewicz (Weronika Rosati) in her life, with whom Budzyński has a hot relationship. Magdi will need to find out what Connect Andrzej and Anka are going to need for a long time. And when he finds the truth, he will not have the mercy of his rival. On the set "M jak milosc" Magde's "The Two Faces …" have recently fallen strong.

Will Magda and Budzyński together with Anka "M jak miłość"?

For the first time, Anka will appear in the episode "M jak miłość" in the 1407 episode. Then Budzyński will receive an SMS from a former lover looking for a meeting. He will ignore this message and delete it immediately. He will not want to have anything to do with the woman he was two years old.

But Anka will not forgive. He will come to Warsaw and visit his former friends – King (Katarzyna Cichopek) and Piotrku (Marcin Mroczek). In his house, Rainy meets Andrzej. And from this unexpected meeting, Budzyński will realize that his relationship with Magdom can be borne by past mistakes.

Before I met Magd, I had a very fiery relationship with Anka. Fatal love fell back. I think it will be some serious dilemma in my heart's heart. Andrzej's old weaknesses come out. He is afraid to lose Magdo and therefore a coward – said Krystian Wieczorek in The Culvers TV series M Like Love.

Some time later, in 1411, "M jak Miłość" Magda and Budzyński will leave Krakow together to open Anka. At the exhibition of artists' paintings, one of the works will be presented by Andrzej's act. However, Magda will not recognize the shape of his beloved man in a bare man.

To make it even more interesting, Anka will borrow a Magdi dress, which she has received as a gift from Budzyński two years ago when she vernissages. How will Andrew get out of this sick situation? It will not be easy. Although she will meet with the old lover and tell her everything is over and Magda can not find out about this connection, Anka will not give up.

Anka has always been such a beautiful woman, but she has now become perfectly cool. She has been with her for years. They used to be with friends with Magda … Weronika Rosati noticed.

I'm so glad to see it because I like it privately. There is a lot of grace and charm. He also laughed at her choice and lifestyle. Anka has a very good taste. They taste in the same people. Magda does not expect this blow completely. He believes in Budzyński, but neglects Anku because in the end she is her friend – added Anna Mucha to "The Cultures of the TV series M Like Love".

We can find out that in the new episodes "M jak miłość", which will appear on television only in the spring, Magda will learn the truth about the romanticism of Budzyński and Anka. Instagram Anna Mucha and Weronika Rosati laugh at recording scenes of rival heroines. Most importantly, Magda will not talk about words.

Ania, explain why you call me "biphasic …"?
"Explain to me, my dear and the millions of Poles. Finally, I know, I discovered! – issued by Anna Mucha.

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