Sunday , April 11 2021

Mac Miller is dead. We give the reason for death scenes

The coroner's office confirmed that 26-year-old rapper Mac Miller was killed because of excessive dose of lethal cocktail, including drugs, drugs, and alcohol.

Mac Miller was 26 years old

As the first of death Miller's Mac informed Rapper died in his home in San Fernando Valley on September 7th.

The news, in a special statement, confirmed the Miller family. "Thank you for the prayers, please respect our privacy, at the moment there is no detail about the cause of his death," wrote Miller's Mac.

The 26-year-old star found her friend and called urgent help. The saviors arrived and found death.

After less than two months there was official communication about the causes of death scenes.

Near the body of Malcolm McCormick (the real name of a man), alcohol and prescription pills have been found.

The level of drugs in Mac Miller's body was not deadly, but mixing with other substances (including fentanyl) led to death scenes.

Miller had problems with the stimulants before. Soon after the break with the American singer Ariana Grande (they were couple since August 2016 to May 2018), the rapper was in trouble with the law. In May of this year, the star was arrested for driving drunk, causing misfortune and escaping from the scene. He threatened him with a prison sentence of up to six months. On September 11, the rapporteur should have heard a verdict in the case – after death, the investigation was terminated.

In one of the interviews, Miller admitted that bad reviews of his debut album "Blue Slide Park" by 2011 made a "cheese" addict – a drug consisting of high doses of cough syrup mixed with carbonated non-alcoholic drinks.

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