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March of nationalists in Wroclaw has been resolved. They were wounded, including a cop. Dutkiewicz: No police support

The Sunday nationalist and hooligan Wroclaw ended the scandal. According to the police, 9,000 participated in that

People. But even though three people were hurt, and bottles, claws, and torches fired on people, and the police did not react. "There were no collective injuries of order and order," said Paweł Petrykowski, police spokesman for Donja Slesija.

Rafał Dutkiewicz, President of Wrocław, claims that after the first incident he ordered police officers who were working to stop march. They did it, however, just one hour later. Why? Because they had to make a decision to the organizer, and the police did not want to help them come to him.

– On-site observers were thrown out of March. Despite the police assistance requests, they did not have an official escort on time, Dutkiewicz said.

Police respond: this is not true.


See how we reported events in Wroclaw minute by minute.

21.50 hours

Police respond to Rafał Dutkiewicz's claims. – The President's comment is incomprehensible to us. From the beginning to the end, the police were in constant direct contact with the observers from the office. Officers also watched the observer during March's resolution. At no time was it that officials had no support from the officers – says Paweł Petrykowski, spokeswoman for the provincial police station in Wroclaw, in an interview with GazetaWroclawska.pl. He adds that the police arrested six people who held banners with hate speech content during the march.

– March is over, but the police continue. We analyze a very extensive material and we are in the process of proving the marchers who did not respect the release order of the community, which is a violation – adds Paweł Petrykowski.

Time: 20.00

Piotr Rybak finished marsh. "It was a big event," he said.

According to the Code of Conduct, Rybak may now have other problems with the law. According to the regulations, whoever chairs the meeting after the break-up, is subject to the limitations of freedom or fines.

Hours 19.50

President Rafael Dutkiewicz explains why such a late decision to lift the march.

"I asked the observer to make the decision to stop the voyage. Due to lack of police support, the solution information was not effectively communicated to the organizer – explains Dutkiewicz. – On-site observers were thrown out of March. Despite police support requests, observers did not timely attend escorts. Finally, in the presence of the security commander, the organizer was informed of the March resolution.

Dutkiewicz on Twitter replied to the police administration. – Although we are not responsible for organizing your work and subordinate employees, our cops have performed an office representative to the organizer of the assembly so that they can notify you of their decision – we are reading about the official police profile.


After the police failed to deal with the nationalist March, will the commander have to resign afterwards?

Hours 19.50

Paweł Petrykowski, spokeswoman for Lower Silesian Police, officially confirms that three people were injured in March. Among them is a cop. Why did the assembly not solve it earlier? – There were no collective injuries of order and order. We are keeping up the line all the time, "says Petrykowski, who, with the question of the reasons for such a long delay in the decision to close the march, points to the City Hall. The official reason for stopping the march was" hate speech "


The municipal office representative decided to dispose of the nationalist march in Wroclaw. His participants are called to divorce. However, they did not listen. There are speeches on the market.

The police announce that demonstration participants will be legitimized and will face the consequences.

Why did the decision to break the marshal came so late, when just a few hours ago, people flew torches and bottles before the first person was injured? Not familiar. The detective who acted as a watchman would not talk to us.

Time 19.25

There is another person injured during March in Wroclaw nationalist.

Time: 19.00

The marching edge approaches the market square. Meanwhile, in the area of ​​the former part of Świdnicki, there is still a quarrel between nationalists and anti-protesters. They release another flash. And we ask the mayor of Wroclaw: What about the statement that the city will break the march after only one noise appears on it?

H. 18.50

A bottle thrown in a crowd hurt a man – he is an Englishman. It's covered. Police are watching the scandal.

Hours 18:35

The forehead of the marshal approaches the Swingy crossing. Here he will meet with a group of anti-personnel fighters in Poland and the civil protection of women. They have the inscription with the slogan "Nationalism is not patriotism". The police are afraid of quarrels.

In the direction of the anti-manifesto, flying on firecrackers and torches. – Fascist, illegal march – you will hear in reply.

Time 18.25

The nationalists enter Ulster Casimir Velika. We hear petards, among the participants are the slogans "Islam pierd ..". March, however, was not interrupted.

Time 18.12

After talks with the organizers, the march was resumed. Organizers are convinced that the torch will no longer appear. March goes to Kornja Street to Rynek.

Time: 18.00

Participants of the march were on fire. The observer from the magistrate decided to stop the march.

Earlier, President Rafael Dutkiewicz announced that the launch of even one war would result in the fall of the march. The police also warned the police.

– They want to make us. Do not throw fire – complains Jacek Międlar.

March is still formally not resolved. Discussions are ongoing with the organizer.

17.52 hours

The police stopped the march. Police officers are waiting for the main organizer – Piotr Rybak – to appear on their heads.

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17.50 hours

According to estimates, about 6,000 people participate in March – a few thousand less than expected by the organizers.

Time 17.40

– Wroclaw's traitorous power wanted us to forbid to celebrate the 100th anniversary of independence. Shame! We have shown that nothing will stop us because we do not sell the boys to them, "says Jacek Międlar. Demonstrators sing Poland for God and head towards Trg Square.

H. 17.15

– Love has conquered the country. We are walking a great march, even though they hate us – says Jacek Międlar. Piotr Rybak officially opened the march. "In Wroclaw, the heart of the heart will always win," says Piotr Rybak.

Marshal participants will soon be driving along the Piłsudskiego Street in front of the main railway station in the direction of Świdnicka.

For now, however, former priest Jacek Międlar continues to speak in front of the station.

The participants shouted: "God, honor and homeland", "WKS", "Honor and glory to the heroes", "From cradle to Polish grave Vilnius, Polish Lviv." Jacek Międlar asks participants for a "dignified attitude".

Time 17.05

March has not started yet, and one of the participants has already ignited the flash. Earlier this behavior was forbidden by President Wroclaw and the police. However, since the flame was fired before the formal start of the march, it would not result in the dissolution of the assembly.

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Time: 16.40

The police closed the traffic on ul. Piłsudskiego from the intersection with Stawowa to Dworcow. In the square in front of the station, people with white and red flags go down all the time. Until now, I can not see banners with offensive slogans. A multitude is also set along the pedestrian route. The manufacturer from the street Piłsudskiego via ul. Świdnicka will go to the Marketplace.

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Time: 16.30

The police sent the organizers to March – the event is peaceful and patriotic. It can not be tempted to hate, nor can pyrotechnic agents, including torches, be used.

Mayor Wrocław Rafał Dutkiewicz has already announced that even one shot launched during the march will result in his immediate solution of the City Hall's representative.

Time 16.20

– Wrocław is today the capital of Poland. I am a great Poland! This is the manifestation of uncompromising people who do not sell Poland on the round table. God, honor and homeland! This is the time, the time of patriotism. People who will not stand on shoes from Brussels – participants were welcomed by former priest Jacek Międlar.

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Time: 16.00

The first flagship participants and the organizer Piotr Rybak are near the main railway station. And the first incident happened – a drunken passerby started screaming and spit at the organizers. "Fart … days, fascists, fucking …" he yelled. Piotr Rybak could not be challenged.

There are also many police officers in the area.

Time: 15.30

Throughout the route, including in the old Switnik crossing where there was a conflict last year, a barbed wire policeman was set up. Attendees against the event will also gather today in the previous section. They will be activists of the citizens of the Republic of Poland and the National Strike of Women. According to announcements by organizers against the nationalists, it can be distinguished from tens to even hundreds of people.

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– Do not agree with them the distance is the height of hypocrisy. Playing in a symbolic demonstration at a time when Wroclaw passes through the brown wave, gets greeted on the wall of the ghetto. If we really disagree with the March of hatred, then we have to be where the evil is happening – says Marta Lempart, leader of the National Women's Strike, on the GazetaWroclawska.pl portal. "I expect to stand with us, not necessarily on the blockade, but on the point of evil, all those who claim to defend the most important values. I expect all those who are bitter and disagree to agree on the site rather than the mile, not a week later, not the scene, and not the press interview, not at the debate or at the conference, not in the post on Facebook or Twitter. I expect from all those who defend the mouth. I expect the members and members of the opposition from our region to be there, needed to help people who try to stop the brown hate, does not hurt.


– This will be a great manifestation of the Polish and commemorating the return of our independence to the country of 1918. This year we will follow the slogan "Life and Death for the People". We are confident that our event will once again become the pride of Wroclaw, gathering polar patriots over divisions, solemn celebrations and strong opposition to anti-polisism – said Priest Jacek Międlar, one of the organizers of the march.

But last year he called the slogan "Once with a Jerk, one with a hammer of red riffraff," causing nationalists to quit and shout offensive offensive slogans. Click and see what's gone last year

Mayor of Wroclaw attempted to block the March organization – he decided to forbid the organization because – as he explained – March could endanger security. Dutkiewicz's decision, however, was first annulled by the District Court, and then by the Appellate Court. The courts have explained that the right to a constitution is protected.

"This is a March organized by a man who burnt a Jewish doll at the Wroclaw Market Square. No decent citizen Wrocław has the right to participate in the march organized by this man – Rafał Dutkiewicz is anxious. – If November 11 attacks hatred or humiliates another man, he expects the Polish state to act resolutely enough. Hate should not live in Wroclaw – he adds. And he announces that representatives of the City Hall will immediately solve the march on the first violation of the law.

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