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Medical exemptions from December only in electronic form

Since the beginning of December, physicians throughout Poland will need to issue a termination in electronic form. Paper will only be used in exceptional situations, such as the failure of the computer system. Below are the most important changes related to the implementation of e-surplus.

1. E-redundancy

Electronic medical exemptions, also called e-ZLAs, are issued from 1 January 2016. So far, however, there was no obligation to use them. By the end of November, physicians could put an excess in a traditional paper form. Such an employee had to provide the employer with such a print.

It will change from the beginning of December. According to regulations, doctors will have to issue electromagnetic waivers from Saturday.

Before that, however, it will have to set up a profile on the ZUS electronic service platform. Profiles at PUE ZUS must also have all employers who pay premiums for more than 5 people.

Small Businesses

The law does not oblige smaller businesses to set up such a profile, but they can also provide access to e-ZLA.

An employee should find out about him if the employer has access to electronic hospital records. The doctor who issues the medical certificate will know about it.

If a small company does not have its own profile at PUE ZUS, the employer can not be dismissed electronically. In such a situation the doctor must give the patient the print that he has issued electronically (e-ZLA printing). This print should be delivered to the company within 7 days. It is important that the e-ZLA medical certificate must be signed and stamped by a physician.

3. Short time

ZUS MPs argue that issuing e-ZLA takes less time than writing paper-based editions.

– The doctor needs only a PESEL number, you do not have to (patient). Your employer's Tax Identification Number (NIP). The doctor enters the PESEL computer system, and the data of the Social Security Institute are self-imposed – explained Wojciech Andrusiewicz, ZUS spokesperson for TVN24.

As a result, the employer will immediately receive a message (e-mail or SMS) about releasing their employee. So, in the case of e-ZLA, a seven-day period is not required to allow the release of the workplace.

4. Certificate Error

Although ZUS spokesman claimed that due to the use of data from the IT system there is "no room for mistake" for doctors, the regulations also regulate this issue.

In the event of an error in the e-ZLA, the physician shall, within three working days from the date of the decision to receive or receive information about it, revoke the issued medical certificate and send it electronically to ZUS.

5. Exemptions from paper

In exceptional situations, even if the company has a PUE ZUS profile, doctors will be able to issue paper certificates as a print out of the system. This will be the case, for example, in the lack of Internet access, home visits without mobile equipment or system failure.

"In such situations, the physician has the ability to use medical certificate forms previously written in the system. Each form printed by a doctor has an ID number and is registered in the system. this way of working must be provided to the patient's doctor (insured) ", explained ZUS.

The patient then submits a printed certificate to the employer. The physician must bring them into the system within 3 business days of the issue.

6. Controversy

However, not all doctors are happy with the changes. The Medical Organizations' Agreement called on the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy to withdraw from the compulsory introduction of an e-surplus worker. However, the family and labor minister, Elzbieta Rafalska, did not agree with this conclusion and announced that there would be no further extension of the deadline for the implementation of this reform.

ZUS spokeswoman said on Friday that now more than 62 percent of layoffs are issued in electronic format. – Wojciech Andrusiewicz pointed out in Płock, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Słupsku, Siedlc and Warsaw over 70 percent. Less than 50 percent of e-redundancies are issued, among other things, in Zielona Góra and Piłi.

Regarding the changes, on December 1, ZUS's bodies organize the so-called. "White Saturday". Today, doctors and entrepreneurs will be able to use consultations in the field of electronic sickness issues. All those who do not yet have a PUE ZUS profile will also be able to register their profile on that day, get a ZUS e-ZLA certification and train for e-Excess.

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