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NBA: Transfer Market – 1st Day! Bombs to Begin!

Get Ready! At midnight, a window will be opened for transfer to the NBA, ie clubs will be able to formally submit proposals for new contracts to players who are so-called "free agents", ie they do not have a valid contract with any team. Even before midnight, the whole internet is shrill! Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will sign contracts with Brooklyn Nets! They will join DeAndre Jordan!

The most important information!

  • This news will be updated many times Monday, so go back to her as often as possible!
  • We also describe the most important information in separate articles. However, there is more rumor at all times. So here we want all the most important rumors and decisions to be in one place. If someone has no time tracking social media throughout the day, it's for you to do that – we choose the information.

You can find a list of all free players here. On 1 July, players enter the market and can sign a contract with any club, but if they are "reserved free agents" then their existing club has the option of equalizing the offer.

At the beginning, watch the news with "DAY ZERO" Sunday, with 20,000 hits!

NBA: The Most Important Rumors Before Opening a Transparent Window! NBA free agents – ZERO day!

Opening of NBA Portfolio Market – July 1 – 1st DAY:

At the beginning of BOMBA! Kevin Durant (Warriors) i Kyrie Irving (Celtics) will sign contracts with Brooklyn Nets! They will also join them DeAndre Jordan (Knicks). However, you have to remember that because of serious injury Durant (broken Achilles tendon), KD will lose all season 2019/2020 and return to the game NBA only in the 2020/2021 season. More about the Duranta and Irving contracts at Nets here.

Khris Middleton stays in Milwaukee Bucks. Signs a five-year contract worth $ 178 million!

Brook Lopez also plans to stay Milwaukee. Bucks will offer him a four-year contract worth $ 52 million.

J. J. Redick (Sixers) will sign a two-year contract Pelicans in New Orleans worth $ 26.5 million.

Kemba Walker (Hornets) accepted the offer Boston Celtics – $ 141 million for a four-year game.

Harrison Barnes (Kings) will sign with Sacramento Kings a four-year contract worth $ 85 million.

Derrick Rose (Wolves) will sign a two-year contract Detroit Pistons worth $ 15 million.

– According to previous reports Jonas Valanciunas I agree with a three-year contract Memphis Grizzlies worth $ 45 million.

Gerald Green (Raketi) will sign an annual contract with their existing club.

Terrence Ross (Magic) also remains in his current club. Symbols s Magic a four-year contract worth $ 54 million.

– For Durant and Irving in Brooklyn Nets join Garretta Temple. For two years, the game will receive $ 10 million.

Nicolo Melli, who has played FC Barcelona so far, will sign a two-year $ 8 million contract Pelicans in New Orleans.

Al-Farouq Amin (Blazers) goes s Portland. He got a suggestion to play Orlando Magic – $ 29 million for three years.

Danuela House (Rockets) will continue to play Houston. He will earn $ 11.1 million for three years.

Bojan Bogdanović (Pacers) goes on Jazz! Utah offered him a four-year contract for $ 73 million!

Malcolm Brodgon (Bucks) goes s Milwaukee! He will sign a four-year contract with him Indiana worth $ 85 million.

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