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New regulations on monitoring and quality control of solid fuels

In the Abduction section at Izbicka, regulations are being applied since Sunday. – Customers will be more aware of what they are buying. For us this is not a problem, because we have information from the mines – we hear.

On November 4, new regulations on monitoring and quality control of solid fuels came into force. Their goal is to limit the sale of poor coal, which has caused air pollution. In the first wave – from September 12 this year. flotoconcentrates, solid inert fuels and mixtures containing less than 85 percent are sold in household furnaces. hard coal.

Standards for hard coal, briquettes or pellets that contain at least 85 percent are now being introduced. hard coal and coke, and cocaine and lignite polycoses sold to households and plants up to 1 MW.

If the fuel does not meet the quality standards prescribed by the Minister of Energy Regulations, it can not be sold to these customers.

Now coal or coke customers will get the so-called solid fuel quality certificate. This is a document whose model is prepared in the ministry, which contains information such as grain size, calorific value, ash content, or humidity. The seller's copy must be submitted to the buyer, and the original must be kept for two years, and if the certificate fails or the false information enclosed therein may result in penalties.

Portal said that customers wishing to buy low-quality fuels (eg Mazge) for 1 MW thermal power plants must provide a copy of the certificate to initiate such installation. Certificates are issued, for example, old and valid for only one year. Copies of these certificates delivered to the fuel shop must be kept for 5 years.

The National Trade Inspectorate checks compliance with the new law, and entrepreneurs who sell fuel that do not meet household quality standards or plants weighing less than 1 MW are faced with a $ 10,000 fine. up to one million PLN or in jail for up to five years up to 100,000 PLN will penalize a vendor who will not issue a quality certificate, or if it contains inaccurate data or will not give the customer a copy.

Łukasz Horbacz, chairman of the Polish Coal Chamber of Agriculture, estimates that the fuel quality law in combination with the previously introduced boiler standards can result in the limitation of exhaust gas emissions. "It is important to educate clients not to look at only at a low price, but more important – the unit price of energy – comments.

However, in his opinion, we can not completely give up on coal for heating homes, because Poland can not afford it. – Respite would mean increasing heating costs by 30, 40 or even 60%. Meanwhile, research on our task shows that it is 10 percent. 20-25 percent of the people buying coal home budgets. Electric cars are also environmentally friendly, but are too expensive to buy them all, "Horbacz says.

OPOLSKIE INFO – 2.11.2018

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