November 11, 2019 – Follow-up to Independence Day celebration

National Independence Day is celebrated since morning. An Independence March runs through the streets of Warsaw. It started with a long delay. Police also removed anti-demonstrators from Polish nationals Rond De Gaulle, who hung a large banner labeled "Constitution". Previously, there were state Independence Day celebrations attended by leading politicians, including President Andrzej Duda.

  • - Poland is developing best and is strongest when we understand that together we have to deal with the most important Polish things - said the President
  • Andrzej Duda awarded national decorations today. The Order of the White Eagle was awarded to Prof. Andrzej Nowak and prof. Grażyna Świątecka
  • After 3 pm on March 10, independence in the organization of national circles started from the Dmowskiego roundabout in Warsaw

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