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Ordo Iuris can reduce in vitro use – In vitro slow

The conservative institute, renowned for the idea of ​​a total ban on abortion, has brought the law back to parliament. This is a law that significantly reduces the use of in vitro, formal proposal by representatives from different clubs.

Only one oocyte fertilization, ban on embryo freezing and an in vitro restriction for marriages – these are the main assumptions of the project, which was delivered on Tuesday by Sejm. According to doctors in vitro, the adoption of regulations would even reduce the efficacy of the procedure ten times.

A formal project was submitted by non-associated Jan Klawiter (associated with the Law of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) and the group of Kukiz's 15 representatives, Wolnia, Solidar and PiS circles. However, you do not need a major investigation to determine that the author of the project is someone else.

The mystery of the file

Just download it from the Sejm web site, find the "author" field in the file properties and read "Jerzy Ferenz" there. The latter is a lawyer who appeared several years ago as an expert at Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture.

When we called Dr. Ferenza, with our discovery, he said the truth was more complex. "I'm not the author of the project, and my name as likely to be the last to read this text," he said, saying he no longer cooperates with Ordo Iuris.

He instructed us in the institute, which does not make any secret of participating in the project. – The Ordo Iuris Institute's lawyers supported the legislative development of the project. The Institute supports all initiatives aimed at increasing the legal level of protection of human life and health, including those relating to children in vitro, "says Dr. Tymoteusz Zych of Ordo Iuris.

– The author is the law of the Republic, and Ordo Iuris has given our assumptions the legal formula – the member of the Klawitera defines. However, it does not change the fact that another project was submitted to Sejm, which was created by an institute that raises considerable controversy.

Most of the public first heard of Ordo Iuris on a civic initiative of 2016, which completely prohibits abortion. The result was a black Monday and protests across the country.

It was not the only project the institute tried to bring. Examples? In March 2016, PiS deputies and experts Ordo Iuris developed a project that prevents the formation of same-sex relations. He foresaw, among other things, the liquidation of state status certificates that legalize relations abroad.

This year the Senate worked on the petition of former President Orda Iuris, prof. Alexander Stępkowski. It is assumed that the Law on Guarantees of Freedom of Thought has changed so that almost everyone would have the right to a conscience clause. In August, we informed Ordo Iuris lobbied for the adoption of the Convention on his family rights.

There are no legislators

Anna Maria Siarkowska from PiS, who signed the project in vitro, legislated activity Ordo Iuris does not think anything bad. – The Sejma Office does not give its deputies to legislators who can help draft legislation. No wonder what projects are written by non-governmental organizations – he says.

Joeu Scheuring-Wielgus from the Liberal-Social Circle evaluates the different participation of Ordo Iuris. – She's worried, but it does not surprise me either. After all, Ordo Iuris, with other radical organizations, entered the Agenda Europe program, which aims to bring inhibition in vitro, abortion and obstruction of divorce in Europe – he notes.

This does not change the fact that no Ordo Iuris project has so far been adopted by Sejm. Jan Klawiter does not hide that he is not very optimistic about the in vitro project. "Even if there is no chance now, it could be a starting point for debate in the future," he says. ©?

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