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Poland – Germany LIVE: live stream and result of the 2019 National Volleyball League

Polish national team defeated Germany 3: 1 (25:19, 21:25, 25:14, 25:23) in the second game of the Leipzig tournament and was a step further than the promotion of the Final Six League volleyball player in 2019. On Sunday, red with a predecessor position in Portugal.

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Record of the relationship between Poland and Germany in the volleyball leagues of the League of Nations 2019:

Thank you for today and welcome to the next relationship.

THE END! Earl ends this match!

Sharp top. Hirsch after the block.

Plants efficiently from the left wing.

The camp was mistaken after the break in Heynen's request.

Germany flees. Right now there were three points in front of you …

Draw. Closed Bołądź.

Boehme shows again.

The resident strikes again the rivals.

Boehme finishes the ball in the pass.

Kiska Kampa, which must not fall. Yet the Poles are too nervous in defense.

The Germans are wrong again.

The resident completes the ball.

Kaczmarek blocks Hirscha.

Very strong strike from a resident.

Well, we have a tie. Again successful short rivals.

Effectively from the center of Brehmea.

German error. The camp crossed the middle line.

Great action, first in defending the resident, then in the Kaczmarek attack.

Residents on the other hand. The ball falls on the car.

The action was terminated as Reichert crashed. The German turned his ankle as he tried to bounce the ball, but remained in the field.

Kaczmarek in the block, but the ball on the car.

This spoils a service that accepts Polish representation.

Reichert was in Kaczmarek. Honestly German behavior – it has come to pass and apologized.

Another broken server.

Up And Effectively Fromm.

A slight Hirsch error at your service.

She danced the ball on the net after playing the plum.

Another block, triple on Frommie.

"Czapa" ears on Reichher.

Pless after the attack on Reichert. He apologized.

After the whole set, the Germans will give us spoiled lizards. 22 belongs to Reichert.

Sharp grid for Fromm. A successful attack from the second line.

He changed the football match in Germany and hit the net.

The camp hits a goal.

Close to Hirsch plums.

Finally a good attack from the Huber Center.

He clambered to the Kaczmarek counter.

He sought a challenge … a judge who could not assess whether Kaczmarek was in the field or not. Finally, he conquered the side line and the point for the Poles.

Hirsch plays the net. This is the 20th defeated German player in this game.

Very Brahme attack. Hit in defense of Wojtasca, but fortunately nothing has happened.

Kaczmarek has cheated on blocking the Germans.

The first point is Hirsch.

The fourth party is unhappy. Lies Tomek Fornal, who fell on Hirsch's foot. The homeowner leaves the field with ankle injury.

Brahme crosses the 9-meter line. Poland – Germany 2: 1!

Brahme still extends this set.

Fornal's smart game.

It does not come from the Reichert service.

Hirsch finally makes a transition.

Another block! Hubera was not surprised by Baxpoehler.

But, "the gate"! The resident stops Reichert.

Kiwa above the block asukasik.

Good compared to Poland. Huber points.

So Germany is responsible.

Finally, short. This item is missing a long time.

On the second line Ends Fromm.

Kaczmarek extends the blocks of Kamp and Boehme.

Good attack on the real Fromma.

What a mistake! Failure of the defender with his teammates and Boehmea sends the ball around the board.

Kaczmarek finishes the counter. Earlier, excellent Janus game.

The Germans give their hands back. Many bugs at your service.

Hirsch folds his hands on the Poles.

Light floats and is still too strong Boehme.

He kept Kaczmarek, but he had a clear statement.

An assailant attacks great power.

He was mistaken after time at the request of coach Nijemaca Kaczmarek.

The advantage of the guests is growing! The resident breaks the block.

Hirsch crossed the middle line.

Blok Poljaka! The German coach checked the touch of the net, but there was no mistake.

In a car resident. But that was after the block, the happy point of white and red.

In the network from the second line goes the Woman.

Another point of Poland after failing to defend its rivals.

Uboden in the middle.

Hirsch's powerful "bomb".

The groom stops Boehme.

He put too much power on Hirsch's service.

Very strong Boehme attack.

Strong hit on Mount Fornal.

End of the other party. Drawing 1: 1.

Effectively from the other line of Reichert.

Poles are well defended, but the ranks are ultimately their rivals.

Strong forward but effective asylum seeker.

He interrupts a series of Polish Fromma.

It's a fight! Kaczmarek effectively.

After serving the Reichert.

Assistant Reichert. These losses will be difficult to compensate for.

Another spoiled service, this time Fornal.

Zimmermann is too far away.

Unfortunately, Kaczmarek also points to his rivals.

Brahme is finally wrong.

The Germans are fleeing. Reichert points, but it all starts with the great Brehme service.

The resident crosses the third meter line.

Brahme brani … and gets the point. The ball was surprising to Poland.

This time, Philip is wrong.

Hit Hirscha into Huber's defense.

From the game on the tape and in the cars.

It is a vicious play as a resident.

Germans fall into the net.

Filipi escaped from the block.

Asylum seekers from the place. The most important thing is that it is effective.

Fromm pointed out in the block but missed.

Hirsch slaps heavily on his hands.

A fantastic action in the defense of the Poles, then a block on Frommie. Lost losses.

Filipiak's technical niche surprises the rivals.

He does not accept the asukasik service.

Blok-aut after Filipiak's attack. The Germans advertised the bag and there is a point for them.

Hirsch completes one block.

Fornal's powerful response.

You can already see that it will be more tight. In previous Germany they committed up to 12 mistakes.

This time it is more time for Poles. Philip swirled a block.

He goes through Fromm's block.

Effective attack after Hirsch block.

He hindered the resident in the fight.

Filipiak after the block! End of first meeting. Poland is 1: 0.

Kiwka, on the edge of the thrown ball, Reichert.

Great, strong attack on the cataclysm line.

Baxpoehler attacks a block of plum.

Kaczmarek's first successful attack.

Fromm does not leave the service.

Locked groom. There was no pace in this action.

Another Huber attack failed.

Hirsch is unsuccessful.

He escaped from the block of Fromma.

Attack the net with a short Brehme.

Wrongly serves Baxpoehler.

Great game Zimmermann, but it's not OK on the clean Reichert network. The challenge showed Philippines's network touch and the point for the Germans.

Resident after the balloon block.

And as a block-sign. Philip stops Hirsch.

Block missing. The ball hits the field after the attack on Reichert.

Burning in a similar style of Brehme.

Confusion. Andrea Giani, a German coach, protested and called for a challenge – the judges showed the ground after Huber's attack, but the coach was right. As a result, Vital Heynen challenged the challenge as well, suggesting a blocked attack. He just made a mistake.

Janusz's rescue of stun surprised by rivals.

That spoils Philip's favor.

Asukasik's powerful attack. The Germans tried to defend themselves, but four thoughts were a bit too much.

The hole in the block and Fromm hits him.

The short, but effective Kłos is far from the net.

Hirsch pushes Filipiak's hands.

Forwood Point Service.

Capital against ukasika.

Germans fall into the net. Again, long action and some beautiful defense, especially on the German side.

Baxpoehler responds from the inside.

The first long action goes to the account of the Germans. Hirsch's effective attack.

Very briefly Huber.

Fromm has been weakly accepted, but he is well attacked.

Genital, technical and distant Plasma Fornala.

Reopen the service to Germany.

Great Opposite Poles. Philip's points.

Error in Baxpoehler.



Poland: Janusz, Fornal, Asukasik, Filipiak, Kłos, Huber and Wojtaszek na liberou.

Germany: Fromm, Reichert, Hirsch, Broehme, Baxpoehler, Zimmermann and Zenger on Libero.


Poles, however, have everything in their hands – two victories in Leipzig will make unnecessary care of opponents.


Even today, with defeat against Germany, white-reds can secure their promotion at Final Six, but they need help from rivals – Brazil should defeat the Italians and the French Canadians.


On Friday, both teams played four sets – Poles were hidden by Japan and the Germans in Portugal. For our western neighbors, current second-placed in Europe, this was only the third win in this competition.


In Lipno there are volleyball players, there are also Polish fans.


Welcome and welcome to the coverage of Poland and Germany. The winner will bring a white-red finish to the Sixth Volleyball Championships in 2019.

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