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Polish national team. Grzegorz Krychowiak will be joining the staff group


It breaks shooting records, and in addition has hardness, as if it were made of steel – impressed Grzegorz Krychowiak, that is, the pillar of the second line of the Polish national team. In yesterday's match for Lokomotiv, Moscow suffered a concussion and is already preparing to join the Eagles group. No loosening, despite Euro 2020 promotion.

Polish fans could have been a little worried on Sunday night. The arrival of Grzegorz Krychowiak in the Polish national team was in question. During the league match against Krasnodar, the Lokomotive midfielder hit his head hard in the field and suffered a concussion. But the player has already announced that he will be joining teammates.

Krychowiak scored a goal for Lokomotiv in a draw 1-1 against Krasnodar. Later, however, a moment of fear passed – he hit his head in a rush to the lawn after one of the opposing players burst into him. The whole incident seemed extremely threatening. Krychowiak was obviously stunned and did not go out in the second half.

The regiment was immediately taken to hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion there, which Lokomotiv confirmed in a statement tonight. On his Instagram account, however, Krychowiak assured fans that everything was fine with his health.

Today on Twitter, "Krycha" confirmed his arrival in the Polish national team. He did it in a humorous way, suggesting that Wojciech Szczęsny and Robert Lewandowski would not have to post photos without him at the table.

This is a reference to the situation when, in the absence of Krychowiak, Lewy and Szczęsna reworked the photo together, drawing the silhouette of their Lokomotiv counterpart on an empty chair.

It is worth noting that Krychowiak's club partner – Maciej Rybus – received Sunday warm-ups before his injuries. The left-back was supposed to play in the original squad, but in the end he did not play with Krasnodar at all.


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