Sunday , June 20 2021

Samsung Galaxy S10 with six cameras and 5G? ::

The Galaxy A9 was the first to have a quad-core camera

The Galaxy A9 was the first to have a quad-core camera

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So far we have thought that the Galaxy S10 will be made in three variants. The American diary reports that they will join another – the most impressive.

So far, we have been talking about three versions of the next year's Samsung flag. We expected a flatbed budget model as well as two versions (standard and enhanced) with a beveled display. According to The Wall Street Journal, up to three Galaxy S10 types will join the fourth, equipped with a 5G connectivity module. However, that is not all. On the back of this model will be a quadruple camera, such as the Galaxy A9 – and the dual camera will be mounted on the front of the set. The phone will therefore have a total of six cameras.

However, it is unknown whether Samsung will repeat the configuration from the Galaxy A9, adding (maliciously claiming it unnecessary …) blurred the camera with the camera. It is possible that his location will capture the image sensor by infrared radiation. Everything will be great in the spring when the smartphone will be a debut. For now, it is hidden under the name of Beyond X – and will be featured along with the recently announced, flexible smartphone.

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