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Samsung is a folded smartphone. It will be a revolution in the market

After several years of leaking over the Samsung smartphone, we finally got the first official information about it. According to the foregoing assumptions, Koreans have decided to bring a folded device to San Francisco, where we are.

We've seen a smartphone in the hands of Justina Denison (SVP Mobile Product Marketing) during the current Samsung Developer conference. Unfortunately, Samsung has not made it available to telephone journalists, so we have to rely on the pictures of the manufacturer and a few details revealed during the presentation.

Samsung is a folded smartphoneSamsung is a folded smartphone Samsung photo

Simultaneously Smartphone and Tablet

What else do we know officially? First of all, we know how the smartphone will work. Samsung used a large 7.3 inch AMOLED display on one side of the device, which will be inside. Such a diagonal is still standard in tablets instead of smart phones.

The manufacturer emphasized that the 7.3-inch display would provide more tasks, which we can not count on smartphones at the moment. Three applications on the screen can be set at the same time.

Samsung is a folded smartphoneSamsung is a folded smartphone fot. Bart³omiej Pawlak, SF /

On the other hand, another smaller screen will appear (unfortunately, we do not know the diagonal). After folding there will be a little practical smartphone. After discharging – a small tablet or a very large phone. So, Samsung combines the convenience of using and the large work space inside a device.

Creating a folded phone was not easy

Samsung Electronics President DJ Koh just released a few months ago so it would not be easy to create a folded phone. The Koreans, however, used the flexible self-produced screens. However, their top layer will not be covered with glass.

In the case of a folded smartphone, it can not be used. Instead, we have an elastic composite material that can be bent freely. A further advantage will probably be the device's resistance to falling.

Samsung is a folded smartphoneSamsung is a folded smartphone fot. Bart³omiej Pawlak, SF /

Samsung declares that the smartphone will be folded "hundreds of thousands of times" without leaving a trace at where the screen is bent. During each installation, the image will be immediately switched to another screen and adjusted to the new diagonal.

Google's representative in San Francisco has also announced that the Android system will be tailored to smartphone smartphones.

It's not all known

Unfortunately, Samsung did not want to share all the information about it – first of all, it did not reveal the name of the folded phone. We still do not know the specifications, although almost certainly Korea will bet on top quality components. The battery capacity is quite large.

We also do not know what size the phone will have or how much it will be. However, it seems to be quite thick after folding. This is a bar prototype shown during the conference.

Samsung is a folded smartphoneSamsung is a folded smartphone Samsung photo

The manufacturer points out that the described copy is not yet finished and that there may be some improvements.

He has not yet revealed the premiere of a folded smartphone, but is expected to appear early in 2019. It is known that production will begin soon.

Maybe a good opportunity to show the finished device will be MWC 2019 in Barcelona. For the first step towards the revolution in the world of smartphones, you will not have to wait a long time.

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