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Sapkovski agreed with the CD about the Wizard. How much will the author get?

WITHwill apkowski get 60 million, what did he ask for from the CD Project? Anonymous sources say the author and the game maker are on the way to the deal. At this time, however, his conditions are unknown, and the leadership of the CD Project complains that the agreement is binding with the author.

The case appeared in the CD Project release. By law, she must report things that affect her financial condition. The statement states that lawmakers from Andrzej Sapkowsky sought an additional payment of at least 60 million zlotys from the CD Project.

They refer to the Copyright Act and the Compensation Section for the Creator, which is too low in relation to the benefits of the exploitation of the work. In the payout claim, "the pay should actually amount to 6%. get ".

The game maker does not agree with this argument and points out that Sapkowski got as much as he wanted and that the deal is legitimate and binding. However, he leaves the hole in law because he emphasizes that he wants to maintain good relations with Sapkowsky and try to resolve the dispute friendly.

There is a chance to settle

And about the closeness of this agreement to the report "Puls Biznes". The list refers to anonymous coworkers who say the agreement will be reached within a month. However, in their view, the settlement is unsafe.

– Agreements between the parties are in progress. Solution information should be received within one month. There is a chance to settle, but this is not yet a prior decision – says the "PB" person close to the case.

Another informant, unnamed, claims that Sapkowski can not count on 60 million. "This can be a form of appreciation of Sapkowski's creativity, its shape, talent and potential when it comes to helping companies create ideas," we read.

Written promises declare that they care about a friendly case resolution. In addition, it would be good that the matter can be solved "quietly"

The literary version of Geralta's first feature on The Witcher was 35,000. PLN paid in two tranches. He was looking for money in advance, not believing in the success of the game. From that perspective, the demand for profit by the company seemed meaningless, since profit would not be at all.

CD Project claims that these are not the only agreements signed with the author. – In the period from 2002 to 2016, the Company has concluded a number of different agreements with Mr. Sapkovski – says Director of Investor Relations, CD Projekt, Karolina Gnaś.

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