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She bought Princess Diane's dress in the second-hand shop

Diana, like the princess, loved her incredible dresses. She also liked to help the people she needed, which is why she often used her creations, putting them on charity auctions. Numbers do not lie. The nineties were sold exactly 79 years ago. It is not known what happened to them over the years, just as there is no known fate of many dresses that had never been sold. However, from time to time, they are beautifully located in the least anticipated circumstances.

The latest findings undoubtedly include silky, ivory-colored creatures, decorated with crystals and a characteristic arch on the left shoulder. Dressed in the early nineties, among the pile of clothes, he invented one of the then-used workers in the British town of Hereford. She paid 200 pounds to create and plans to show her the ball. However, he never found it and in exactly 1994 he put the box and locked it in the closet. Recently, the British have remembered finding it and by accident. She looked at the archival image of the Duke in one of the newspapers and in a few photographs she recognized her dress. Its doubts have been confirmed by experts dealing with the history of the British royal family. They had no doubt that the silken wonders Diana wore during her visit to Bahrain in November 1986. Now the creation will go to the auction, where the owner will surely be enriched, because the dress can also be sold for 100,000. pounds.

It was also possible to determine in what circumstances Dian's property came on the other hand, she brought this beautiful dress to the store along with several daily views of Diane, a housewife in Mynde Park. The real estate owner was Caroline Twiston-Davies, a friend of Princess Wales – said Kerry Taylor, a London auction house.

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