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Smog in Poland – November 10th. Condition, quality and air pollution

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Smog – Warsaw and Mazovia

The air condition in the capital today is bad – throughout the Warsaw PM10 dust level remains at over 200%. permissible standard and PM2.5 dust at a level of 280-300 percent. standards. At the metering point at Raszyńska PM10 reaches 243 percent and PM2.5 is 303 percent. Residents of Warsaw cities like Łomianki and Pruszków breathe very dirty air. It's also bad in Radom and Sochaczew. Fataly is in Piaseczno, where the concentration of PM10 is 330 percent and PM2.5 is up to 440 percent.


Smog in Warsaw and its surroundings – 10.11

Smog – Kraków and Małopolska

Again, very bad air inhales Krakars and residents of the rest of Small Poland. In the center of Krakow PM10 the dust level exceeds 400%. permissible standard and PM2.5 500 percent standard. The StarWiślna starboard point indicates the dust level of PM10 in the amount of 443 percent and PM2.5 491 percent. Similar to all the cities surrounding the capital of the region. It is fatal in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and Wadowice.


Smog in Little Poland – 10/11

Smog – Katowice and Silesia

Today it is very bad in Silesia, where the air condition is described as bad or even very bad. It is tragic in Gliwice, Rybnik, Zory, Zabrze or Dąbrowi Górniczi. The residents of Mysłowice, Jaworzno, Siemianowice Śląskie and Piekary Śląskie very badly breathe with bad air. Częstochowa is very polluted.


Smog in Silesia – 10/11

Smog – Great Poland, Donja Silesia, Łódź

Air quality is also poor in Lodz, and Tomaszów Mazowiecki and Piotrków Trybunalski are polluted. Residents of Wrocław, Poznań and Bydgoszcz also breathe bad air. Moderate air is blown by the inhabitants of Olsztyna and Lublin. It is better only in Western Poland and Podkarpacki. The residents of Three Cities also enjoy a clean air.

Why is it worth avoiding smog?

Smog is a serious threat to human and animal health. Through the respiratory system, harmful dust penetrates into our body, heavy metals (eg arsenic, nickel), carbon black or benzopyrene (with carcinogenic properties).

Inhaled air can cause head and throat, eye irritation, allergies, pharyngitis, lung, bronchitis, difficulty breathing, breathing problems, asthma, memory and concentration problems. Smog also promotes depression and nervous system disorders. It is very dangerous for pregnant women.

When the weather is bad, do not spend too much time out. Physical activity (eg Running), excessive effort is not recommended. If long-term presence on the outside is required, it is good to use a fire screen with a filter. On the other hand, the windows should not be open inside the building. Air purifiers located in homes or offices gain popularity.

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