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Strong storm over Inovrocław poviat. The wind broke the trees, broke the rooftops [zdjęcia, wideo – 30.06.2019]

Strong storm over Inovrocław poviat. The wind broke the trees, broke the rooftops [zdjęcia, wideo]

A powerful storm last night passed through the Inowrocław district. The wind broke the trees and picked up the rooftops. The roof of the church roof in Płonków was found 200 meters on the playground.

How does Cpt inform us? Jarosław Skotnicki from the Inowroclaw firefighting unit, until now the officer in charge has accepted about 100 requests. – The wind damaged the roof in many residential buildings, as well as in the church in Płonków. We helped cover the destroyed roofs. We removed the trees from the road, cut branches that are terribly threatening through the pavements and roads. The activities lasted all night, and they are still still carrying – says Cpt. Jarosław Skotnicki.

The most affected areas were Złotniki Kujawskie, Rojewo, Gniewkowo and part of the Kruszwica municipality. Luckily, nothing happened to anyone.

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In front of Mr. Tomas's house in Plon is a job. Colleagues from the municipal water supply system help him to remove the remains of his home. It was inside when Plonkowa gathered black clouds.

I looked out the window. It was dark, nothing could be seen. For a few seconds I heard a big noise. Etruscan plates began flying. A moment later the whole roof collapsed. Fortunately, the ceiling was strong and durable, otherwise everything would fall on our heads – says Tomasz. During the storm he stayed with his wife on the ground floor. They could not leave the house for a while, as the doors that had fallen from the brick floor slammed the door.

Church in Płonków

The aggregate cemetery and the church in Płonkow hardly suffered. The wind has completely broken the roof of the temple. Plate slabs lie in the surrounding fields, paths, shrinking energy pylons, more on trees. We found them 200 meters from the church – on the playground.

– What to do … It's not up to us … Higher force … But to remove the roof from the church? – An older biker passing through Płonkowo does not believe.

– God, what happened here! Mother of God! I thought it was the end of the world. The trees broke like a match. Everything was flying here. It was terrible. Even on the other side of the pavement was not visible. Even the roof of the church broke – said the resident of Płonkowa.

– I have 62, but I've never seen anything like that before. If someone got this leaf in his head, then … – her husband does not stop.

"They have never seen us like this before," commented the neighbor on the other side of the street. He wondered how to deal with a beetle that had fallen into his garden.


The half of the roof also ran from Mr. Ryszard's house in the nearby Płonkówku. – Just a few seconds. It was probably a vortex. There was a terrible noise and we did not even hear that it covered the roof. Fortunately, he did not overwhelm us – he says. Firefighters helped protect the roof from possible rains by 3 am in the morning. Eternit roof, so it will soon be replaced. The mountain accelerated. I will replace the roof earlier than planned, "he admits.

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