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Sunday 2019 ONLINE CALENDAR. Check out Sunday's commercial and non-trade calendar 2019

Sunday 2019 When will the stores be closed?

Soon, purchasing on Sunday will only be possible once a month. Changes, as the trade unions promised earlier, will come into effect immediately after the new year. Entrepreneurs do not hide their terror. In their view, the three-month ban on trade in the month could have sad consequences for the Polish economy.

– This is an idea that damages the internal market – Andrzej Faliński, expert in trade and small market, comments for "Dziennik Bałtycki", – Our economy builds its domestic product and development primarily on consumption. Now that consumption is circumcised, as if it was infinite. And it was not. Already, according to the latest data, the dynamics of consumption drops from about 4.9 to 4.8 to 4.5 percent. Debt optimism is slowly passing through the company, the 500 plus effect begins to collapse, and I think taking these hours on one hand means taking macroeconomics on the one hand and weakening the subjects on the other – adds.


Similar opinions and representatives of the Polish trade and distribution organization are similar.
– Legislative changes affecting trade fall to the economic top, so there is a common belief that they do not affect the economy of our country. But we see that sales dynamics are falling, so it is likely that the economy will slow down in the next few months. From the beginning of 2019, the three Sundays will not be non-commercial and will be affected not only by consumers but also by the state budget – says Renata Juszkiewicz, President of POHiD.

On Sunday 2019, solidarity calms down

We have asked trade unionists to comment on this issue. They ensure that entrepreneurs have no cause for concern.
– This is scary and, unfortunately, typical for the commerce industry – I mean intimidating negative effects – he says Marek Lewandowski, a spokesman for solidarity, – Cassandra predicts a loss of 100,000 jobs and multi-millionaires not only did not work but ridiculed employers. The situation is just the opposite. There are about 160,000 people missing today. employees, and traffic increases instead of falling. Allow me to remind you that the trade limit is covered every Sunday, which was known from the very beginning. In a way, we agreed on a compromise solution – such a specific vacatio legis – to extend it for more than two years. And the situation, when all free trade on Sunday is healthier than what is happening today, is constantly asking whether it's a free or commercial Sunday – continues Marek Lewandowski and adds: The motive for introducing restrictions was to correct the fate close to 1.2 million trade employees. As research shows, employees have accepted this change very well, as well as consumers. And that's what you should enjoy.

Trade ban will also be applied on Saturday – trade rules require revision – trade unionists say in response to changes in some retail chains for their employees suggest extending the Sunday night to 31 hours. Representatives of the Polish Chamber of Commerce do not support this idea.

Ban on Saturday at 22 o'clock 5?
Though there is much more dissatisfied customer opinions, representatives of the NSZZ Solidarność explain that Sunday's prolongation eliminated the gaps in the weekly ban on trade-offs that is unfavorable to employees.

Sunday evening starts on Saturday at 22. Finish Mondays in the Morning

Ban on Sundays. How many weeks without a store in 2020?

In the year 2020, a total ban on trade is applied, except for 7 days a year during the increased shopping turnover: three pre-Christmas and the last Sunday in January, April, June and August.

Disturbing Sunday without a store. What does the inspector look like?


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