Wednesday , March 3 2021

The club hosted a party despite the ban. Police: there will be consequences

“We are opening in a new form. We invite all our existing clients to build the structures of the strike party of entrepreneurs. (…) Today, January 9 at 21:00, we invite you to the first meeting” – & nbspsuch announcement appeared on the Facebook profile of the club Wall Street from Wrocław

As we read further: “He will be waiting for you by default: paid drinks at the bar, free dance space, the latest music hits, excellent service and & nbspexcellent entertainment.

A video has begun circulating on the web that – & nbsp as can be deduced – & nbsp comes from the event described above. This shows that several dozen people are attending the meeting. They don’t have masks to cover their nose and downhill, and they don’t keep their distance.


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“Will it be open in a week?” – asked & nbsp in the comments below the video, Mr. Arthur. “Yes, they have already invited you,” Ms. Emilia replied. Another user wrote, “Why am I not there? I am jealous.”


I guess there was nothing to envy. Our findings show that city police officers intervened with participants in the game at the & nbspclub along with officers from the prevention department.

“In front of several dozen people who did not comply with the obligation to cover their mouths and did not maintain social distance, but explanatory actions are being carried out in violation of the provisions of the Law on Minor Offenses. These persons must consider the possibility of receiving a fine of 1000 zlotys, and sanitary “- & nbsp informed the sergeant. pc Krzysztof Marcjan.

Event organizers can expect much harsher penalties. As we read in the police statement, these people were informed that, due to the large number of people present on the premises, they risked criminal liability in connection with the suspicion that they had committed the crime of & nbspart. 165 of the Criminal Code. It is worth reminding that according to & nbspjego


The provision provides for sentences of six months to eight years in prison for people who, by their conduct, pose an epidemiological threat or spread a contagious disease.

Entrepreneurs – & nbspyrs who show the last days and & nbsptyweeke – & nbsp, are slowly losing patience. They say they would rather receive punishments than work and work idle. In & we described examples of amusement park Laser Factory Zamość, which opened despite restrictions, and skating rink in & nbsp Szczecin, which turned into a flower shop.

All this is largely due to the verdict of & nbspOpole, the justification of which was announced in early 2021. The Provincial Administrative Court stated that Sanepid unjustly fined the hairdresser from & nbspPrudnik a fine of 10,000 zlotys.


What does the government say? Olga Semeniuk from the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology said in the program “Money. It is important” that “there will always be aberrations”. However, she added that “the longer we focus on them, the longer we will get out of & nbsplockdow.”


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