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The Final Six League of Nations. Vital Heynen remains with the Polish team! There is a PZPS commentary

The PZPS referred to information from journalist Polsat Sporta Marcina Lepija, who said that Vital Heynen wants to leave the Polish national team before the final match of the League of Nations. The announcement is convincing that the coach will stay until the end of the tournament.

Igor Kubiak

Igor Kubiak

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In the picture: coach Vital Heynen

After winning the 3: 1 meeting with Iran, who convinced the Polish team in the medal fight, Marcin Lep in the "Prawda Siatki" program reported that Vital Heynen returns to Earth on Friday. This would not lead the team in the semi-finals and the final or the third place in the League of Nations.

"Heynen officially asked the world federation to return a return map for Poland on Friday (more HERE). "Reliable source, it's a person sitting in the FIVB home," said the journalist "Polsat Sporta".

The Polish Volleyball Association responded to these reports. "The truth is not always in line with facts," Janusz Uznański, a spokesman for PZPS, said. On the other hand, the next entry appeared on the official Twitter account.

"We have received information from a high national volleyball team: our team and Vital Heynen after this match with Brazil and Iran will spend this weekend in Chicago this weekend at the matches in the medal zone," we read.

The Polish national team at the final tournament was unexpectedly beaten by Brazil 3: 2 and Iran 3: 1. Our volleyball players have already secured the promotion in the semifinals, regardless of Brazil's and Iran's last cluster meeting. Heynen players play against the US or Russia on Saturday. A day later, we will hold a meeting to win or third place in the tournament.

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