Tuesday , April 20 2021

The krvoprolić is waiting for Poland. Shocking prophecy of the visionary at the turn of 2018/19

Krzysztof Jackowski surprised many Poles with his words of what would happen in the future. The most famous player in our country worked hard for this name. His prophecies in many cases coincide with reality.

Krzysztof Jackowski leaves no illusions about what awaits us in the coming months. Unfortunately, one of his most interesting visions is directly related to the situation in Poland. According to him, prepare for the very drastic scenes we will see.

Krzysztof Jackowski – a scary sight

Krzysztof Jackowski notes many of the factors that can be used to create conflicts in our country. One of them is a constant state in Ukraine all the time.

– 2019 can be very dangerous for our region of the world and warn of it. I'm not afraid of war, she's just here. We must be very careful, because the way to launch armed conflicts using Ukraine is very simple – said the spectator.

He added that in his opinion everything that is happening on an international scene destabilizes the situation in Europe. If this happens, we are in great danger.

– I am afraid that attempts to destabilize relative peace in Ukraine could happen to Russia to do some military moves. US and EU politicians know that there is no discussion in Russia, there are no quarrels and there are specific reactions to certain things. Armed conflict can be made very easily. This is a very dangerous situation. All the while I have the impression that someone thinks about destabilization in the Middle East as a base, but also in Europe – commented Jackowski.



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Unfortunately, says Krzysztof Jackowski, we only experience the last week of peace.

– Look at this as a whole. All the while, I have the impression that what is happening in the Middle East, with refugees in Ukraine, is a very dangerous whole. It has a lot of ignition points and can be switched on abruptly. All the time I say that this year in 2018 reminds me that this is the last year of peace – he said.

The war that can come to our territory is not the only danger threatening Poland's destiny. Vidovnjak confessed that for some time we have been waiting for the biggest rumors for years. They will affect major political changes, but unfortunately, a large number of people will suffer.

Vidovnjak did not explicitly say it, but from his words it can be concluded that in case of such a great confusion and danger some state would like to use a similar situation as well as the aforementioned Russia in the case of Ukraine.


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