Monday , July 26 2021

The president embraces nationalists [KOMENTARZ]

  • Prime Ministers and Presidents a few weeks ago with nationalists negotiating a joint March independence – unsuccessful
  • For this reason, the camp of the authorities resigned to participate in the tours of the anniversary. Attitude of Dude and Morawiecki changed fundamentally after Prime Minister Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz banned March's independence
  • Nationalists and so – despite the ban on the president – will come to the capital, and if they have not had where to walk, the centenary of independence will end with the struggle
  • It is difficult, however, that the solemn, proud march is seen as a march, organized by a young man with short, dysfunctional hairstyles that the state took over a one-time lease

At the end of October, the president gave his own version of "I Have a Dream" style by Martin Luther King. "I would like to go together in March for independence, which is a matter of responsibility for society. Stand next to each other and show people that you can be together." You can not bite, "he said in" Rzeczpospolita ".

The Prime Minister also dreamed: "It is very important for me to conduct a joint march of independence and I appeal to all of our opposition, to our dear political competitors and to the organizers of independent marches from the past years.

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Ministers of National Celebrations

When racial politicians speak something public about it, that means they have at least negotiated with all parties and have good prospects for success. Nothing like that – it turned out that Duda and Morawiecki first spoke, and then they started to act.

It ended with a bad remark. Minister of President Wojciech Kolaris and Minister of State Government of the State of Slavonia, Jarosław Sellin, could not convince the brutally dressed youth of short, dysfunctional hairstyles to share their March independence with others, even if it was only with the power camp.

That is why spokesman of President Błażej Spychalski announced a few days ago that the president should not go marching. Official excuse – because the former presidents did not want to. In return, Kolar added the attention of the calendar nature: – It should not focus only on November 11th.

The worst was the prime minister, who admitted: "Unfortunately, the environment that organized this March refused to let only white and red flags on it so there would be no banners. With respect to this attitude, we have departed from participating in this event.

Walk to nationalists

Attitudes to Dude and Morawiecki changed fundamentally after the president of the capital, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, banned the March of Independence. Duda and Morawiecki, however, decided to enter the state march on March 11th – the decision was reached even faster than the day after. Of course, that is not the case. The ruling camp decided to develop a dark skin with short, dysfunctional hairstyles. Nationalists and so – despite the ban on the president – will come to the capital, and if they did not have where to walk, a wonderful one hundred anniversary could end in the battles. The Dora from Morawiecki even took the state path of marching in line with March's independence.

Great risk of president and prime minister

Of course, the decision of Gronkiewicz-Waltz is incomprehensible. On Monday, the president threatened with March's independence organizers that, if it came to an overthrow, resolved March – in practice, he would finish it. Two days later, however, he announced that there would be no marches at all. It can be seen that this is not a well-designed and adequately prepared position.

It does not change the fact that PiS's decision to take Marsa's independence under his own wings – as Dude Morawiecki's decisions come to her – is a big risk.

First of all, in this way, the president and prime minister take full responsibility during the march, because of the stray and xenophobic slogans that sometimes appear on him.

Secondly, this is another proof of the vanity of official celebrations of the 100th anniversary of independence. It is difficult to consider the march organized by a young man with short, dysfunctional hairstyles, which the state took a one-time lease for joining, joining, a proud march.


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