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They robbed and beat trainers, police searched for them

A group of masked men beat and looted football coaches around the Polonia Warsaw stadium. The Warsaw Legion Trainer suffered the most. The police are looking for the attackers.

The incident happened on November 20, but the police did not inform him before.

On that day, a group of coaches took part in training at the Polonia Warszawa stadium. They only attacked them after they left the meeting.

– The attackers were in balaclavas and dark clothes. Five people won. Coaches from various clubs are injured. The equipment is also stolen, including phones and laptops – says Robert Szumiata, spokeswoman for the central police.

No harm

Legie coach Przemysław Łagożny, who is an analyst at the first team, is among the victims. He was wounded in the thigh with a sharp tool. "However, they were not sufficiently dangerous to stay in the hospital," adds Robert Szumiata.

Among the victims was the son of former Legia player Marek Jóźwiak.

– The boy feels good, he did not report serious injury. He lost only the bag he had a laptop – Marek Jóźwiak said in an interview with

The police are looking for the perpetrators

– Police are investigating this matter, analyzing, inter alia, track recordings – Sumiata says. So far, however, no one was in custody.

The police do not exclude the fact that conflicts exist between the fans of the disputed clubs.

Portal was the first to announce the event.

At We are also informed of the incursion on the Polonia holiday:

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