Wednesday , May 12 2021

This is WHEN Caroline from “Island of Love” looked like (PHOTO)

The third edition of the program is a big step The island of love approaching a longing finale. Currently, viewers will select the first pair of lucky finalists. The rest of the chances of winning will still have to be fought.

Already at this stage it is impossible to hide Mateusz and & nbspCaroline he is one of the favorite spectators on the “island of love.” The 27-year-old went crazy for the beautiful Canadian as soon as he visited the villa The island of love. Fortunately, with reciprocity. However, o & nbsptym whether Mati and & nbsp “Caroline” enjoy enough sympathy among viewers to secure a place in the & nbspfinal, fans of the show will find out in the next episode.

Currently, however, great interest is aroused by Caroline’s appearance, and in principle, how she looked a few years ago. On her Instagram we can only see the latest photos from various parts of the world. On the other hand, at & nbspserwis we can find old photos of “Caroline” from & nbsp time, when she wanted to try & nbspmodel modeling.

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