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Unexpected pair unlocking! More details come to light

The divorce records of Maciej Kurzajewski (46 years) and Pauline Smaszcz-Kurzajewska (46 years) surprised everyone. No one expected their love to burn, especially since you can find Pauline's love confessions on Instagram recently.

"You are my destiny, my fulfillment, my dear, azimuth, barometer of feeling, idol, friend, partner" – with such tenderness Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska wrote about Macie Kurzajewski not too long ago.

However, only those memories remained after those moments. As we've been able to find out, her and wife's life paths are definitely different. That statement was even more shocking that for 23 years, they were considered the perfect couple. They always supported each other.

They were together in joyous moments and in misery. Many years ago, they survived the drama. Paulina gave birth to dead twins early in the sixth month of pregnancy.

"It was difficult for my seven-year-old son to understand that my tummy mother went to the hospital, returned without children and said that … unfortunately, they are dead," the journalist said in an interview.

They came out victorious in this test and it seemed that nothing would set them apart after this experience. Meanwhile, to the surprise of fans, at the end of July, Paulina posted a surprising entry on the Internet: "A woman goes slowly, very slowly, very" …

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