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Unique VIVO Nex moves towards Europe (price). Will you buy it when you go to Poland?

The VIVO Nex is one of the first smart phones to capture the screen capture in a sensational way, hiding the selfie camera … inside the case. Equipped with a movable mechanism, the main boat will soon arrive in Europe and have the opportunity to come to Poland. We need to know the starting price.

This year, a few smartphone manufacturers have allowed themselves more creativity in the design of their devices, which Apple contributed directly to, featuring the iPhone X with unplugging screen inlay. The initial insanity of the so-called gap has quickly shifted from excitement to great reluctance.

This is not entirely a mistake of the Cupertino corporation, and most of the competition, who massively introduced the identical look of the phone. This was Oppo and VIVO had a chance to show, that is, two precursors in stylistic styling.

VIVO Nex will go to Europe

In the middle of the year, VIVO Nex was created, an admiral ship with retractable front camera and large space management. So far the model mechanism is remains unique and no other brand duplicated.

Fig. vivo

Fig. vivo

Now a Chinese smartphone has a chance to come to Europe, and therefore also in the Polish market. The first mention of its prices is 849 euros, or after conversion about 3650 zlotys, This is the amount that is typical for current martial arts, but attention is paid to a certain disproportion.

The VIVO Nex comes in three variants and a maximum price of 2830 PLN (8/256 GB). However, its cheaper versions are about 2,300-2,660 złota, which is raises questions on such a path, European assessment. However, keep in mind that we have unofficial amounts.

Large screen and top performance

What Does a Revolutionary Smartphone Offer? Starting with its leading edition, we get a well-made product 6.59-inch Super AMOLED display, charging the front panel about 86%. This is a fantastic result, as there is no pull on the screen.

Fig. vivo

Fig. vivo

The screen was hidden fingerprint reader, and the camera is mounted on retraction mechanism Within the case – as the tests showed, this solution proved to be sufficiently durable.

He found himself in his back double-bedded room, and all components are powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 845.

She also found a sale a weaker edition of Nex with a strong media system – the Snapdragon 710 processor connected to 6 GB of RAM. This variant seizes a fingerprint reader that is integrated with the screen, and consequently it should be much lower in Poland (if smartphone comes).

Will you buy an admiral boat with a retractable camera?

In summary, VIVO Nex is one of the most interesting models this year and remains unique in its design. Superior components and technology, as well as properly equipped cameras, are the most important advantages of the flagship.

We will certainly let you know about his presence in our country. Meanwhile, I encourage you to get to know all of his details in Damian's text:

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