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Upon decision of UOKIK, BNP Paribas will return the money to the clients. However, you have to show the add-on

The refund of some fees and commissions, as well as offers under preferential terms. These are the fees that some customers of BNP Paribas will receive as a result of the decision of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection. This is the result of how the bank communicates with customers.

The remuneration is the result of the decision of the President of UOKIK since February 2019, which the bank has informed on its website.

As noted above, the Office Chairman considers BNP Paribas to act as a practice that violates the collective interests of consumers and consists in informing consumers of proposed changes to contractual provisions during the term of the contract only by electronic mail sent as part of the Pl @ net electronic service, which do not represent a permanent information carrier ". t

According to UOKiK, a durable medium is, for example, a traditional letter, information stored on a pendrive or a CD, as well as an email if it contains all the necessary information.

BNP Paribas will return the money

In connection with this decision, BNP Paribas will send correspondence to all persons who, from January 2014 to November 2016, were bank clients and received information on the changes.

Subsequently, within three months from the date of the correspondence, the buyers will have to conclude free contract affiliations in the subsidiaries of the bank.

On this basis, the bank will be required to "individually settle fees and commissions for the period from the day they are introduced into the Table of Commissions and Fees for Bank Accounts, Card and Electronic Access Channels for Customers from 1 January 2014 to the Attachment Date."

The possible refund of overpayments must be made to a bank account which the consumer has indicated no later than within two months of the date of the conclusion of the addendum. If there is no overpayment, the bank will also send information on the amount that will be returned within two months.

In addition, BNP Paribas offers a public fee. Among other things, it is about opening a non-renewable 3-month promotion fee with a promotional interest rate, which can be determined within three months of the date of the correspondence or the exemption from the use of the debit card one month after filing the relevant application. In addition, consumers will be able to apply for an exemption from card fees or SMS notifications for a month. As part of public fees, bank customers will also be exempt from paying cash on all ATMs in Poland and abroad for one calendar month.

The public fee will be available to consumers who, at any time during the period from 1 January 2014 to 25 November 2016, remain with clients and banks.


Other banks

In May we reported it some mBank users will receive a refund part of the fees and commissions that will be able to take advantage of the bank's offer under more favorable conditions. Similar to BNP Paribas, this was also the result of the decision of the President of UOKIK, which questioned the way the bank communicated with the clients.

The repayment of fees and commissions at the end of April also informed PKO BP, and earlier on the effects of similar decisions, UOKIK also informed Getin banka and ING Bank ąląski.

In July 2018 UOKiK announced that Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, BZ WBK (now Santander Bank Polska), Deutsche Bank, Idea Bank, Pekao SA and Plus Bank misrepresented the changes in fees.

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