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Valorisation of pension and disability pensions. We know the first estimate of the increase in 2020. Will it be a record?

Valorisation of pensions in 2020 Will there be a record increase in fees?

The indexation of pensions and disabilities increases the interest of older people and affects nearly 10 million Poles. The increase in fees is implemented annually, and the following is planned for 1 March 2020.

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy estimates that indexation will close at 3.24% next year. With average retirement, monthly increases of about 67 PLN.

Older people with a minimum fee of 1.1 thousand. PLN may amount to approximately 35 PLN. On the other hand, the pensioner receives 3 thousand today, PLN will reach about 97 PLN in 2020.

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The Ministry of Finance in the Multiannual Financial Plan assumes that inflation for 2019 will amount to 1.8 percent, and increase of salaries during the year will close by 5.7 percent. These calculations give a 2.94 percent increase in pensions and annuities. On average this means a larger transfer amount of about 63 PLN per month.

In March 2019 the index of pensions and disability benefits was 2.86%. Thus, the benefits of the senior were increased according to the daily index, according to announcements (mixed indexation, valorization of the quota percentage) and not less than 70 PLN gross.

Valorisation of pensions in 2020 How is the increase calculated?

The valorisation of pensions and pensions, among other things, compensates the elderly for inflation. However, the final indicator will only be known at the January and February 2020 transition. Then the Central Bureau of Statistics announces inflation and the level of compensation for the previous year.

Two main factors for calculating index of pensions and pensions have been analyzed. Growth in real wages, data on real wage growth and inflation in retired households.

Calculated and analyzed the costs of the essential items that retirees need, as well as their costs after inflation. The data from the previous year are always used.

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