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Volleyball World Cup: USA – Brazil 0: 3

The Brazilians defeated the Americans 3-0 (25:23, 25:22, 25:17) and are still the leaders of the World Cup volleyball in Japan. The result of this match was of great importance for the Polish national team, which is in second place.

The course of the World Cup in Japan indicates that the fight for the final triumph will be fought between the national teams of Brazil, Poland and the United States.

After today's 3-0 victory with Egypt, the "white and red" scored the points with the leading Brazilians, but quickly jumped again to three points, effectively beating the United States. American volleyball players, with whom the Poles suffered their only defeat by two points less than Biało-Czerwony. Brazil and Poland have not played each other yet – they will meet this Sunday.

The Brazilians started the game against USA with ace Lucarelli. After a while, Bruno and Lucas showed spectacular action in the middle of the net. It was 3: 3 after the serve of the Americans. As Leal entered service in the Brazil squad, he frightened rivals and led the Canarinhos at 8: 5 in the first technical interruption. 8. Aaron Russell's counterattack was 12:11 followed by Matthew Anderson's 14:12 for the Americans. The second technical break was won by United States players 16:15.

Brazil scored two points in a row after the break, with US coach John Speraw quickly claiming time. Renan dal Zotta’s players watched with minimal advantage, but after Leal’s antenna-hit error, it reached 23:23. In the end, the Brazilian volleyball players remained cool and won 25:23.

At the opening of the second party, Micah Christenson served on the net. Both teams showed fantastic action. After Garrett Muagututi's ace it was 5: 5, and on a technical break US players won 8: 7. After blocking Lucarelli at Anderson, Brazil led with 12:11, but after a great game by Maxwell Holt it was 14:13 for NOW. In the second intermission "Canarinhos" won 16:15. After great attacks and defense from both teams, the hands agreed to applaud. When the Brazilians took advantage of the counter, they jumped far at 22:20 and Speraw demanded a break. The Americans got the point, but in the end Brazil won 25:22.

The Brazilians started the third series brilliantly, and after the service of Lucarela ace they led 3: 0. However, this did not break the Americans and after a great game they led to a draw 4: 4. In the technical break it was 8: 7 for the USA. The Americans had already jumped two points, but after a blocked attack by Anderson, a 13:13 draw came. At the second intermission, the Canarinhos won 16:15, and after an effective counter, escaped with 18:16. The problem for the Americans was the crisis of Anderson's form, which was misplaced in service and attack. Brazil jumped to 21:17. It took Speraw twice in a short time, but it didn't help much. Lucarelli's ace was 24:17 and Leal finished the job.

USA – Brazil 0: 3 (23:25, 22:25, 17:25)

2019 World Cup Volleyball – Table

Lp.teammatchesZW.cf ..pointssets
FirstBrazil7702121: 2
SecondPoland7611819: 6
ThirdNOW7521617: 9
4thJapan7521516: 8
6thIran734913:14 (0.928)
7thArgentina734913:15 (0,886)
8thRussia734913:16 (0.812)


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