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"Winter of the Thirties" Coming? "Heavy snow and even minus 20 degrees C". Do you believe in these predictions? [9.11.2019]

Will the "Thirty Years Winter" welcome us? The internet is flooded with information about the coming cold winter and heavy snowfall. Will that really be the case?

What a winter 2019/2020 will be like.

Each year at the turn of October and November Long-term forecasts for the coming winter are emerging, Internet users seek weather information by planning eg holidays in the Polish mountains. Like every year, many also wonder if there will be white holidays.

The internet is once again flooded with information and predictions about the coming winter of 2019/2020. Should everyone be trusted?

Terrifying climate change forecasts – black scenario …

Is "winter thirty years" coming?

According to, referring to "U.S. and British meteorologists", weather will occur in December 2019. Heavy snow and a temperature drop of up to 20 degrees C is forecast, The conditions that will prevail in Poland at that time should mean that the coming winter will be called "the winter of thirty years".

US meteorologists are predicting a "thirty-year winter," but so far it doesn't promise anything

Long-term winter weather forecast for 2019/2020

This seems unlikely given the global warming seen especially in recent years, as well as the tendency for warmer winters in Poland. Other long-term forecasts do not confirm this, Most provide a mild winter, with frosts and light snow, especially in December. Many weather forecasters don't even expect snow for Christmas, not to mention the "30th Anniversary Winter."

The harsh winters of "American and British meteorologists" have been on the Internet for several years. The theme returns each year at the turn of October and November, in a period of heightened interest in the winter weather issue. For now these forecasts did not come true, The most famous meteorological portals do not even confirm them.

The clairvoyant of Człuchawa often deals with weather forecasting. He in turn sees in his visions 2019/2020 winter "pretty warm" and "autumn".

Will any of these predictions come true? It's best to wait for the winter and see for yourself and get closer to the apocalyptic visions of cold and hard winters from afar.

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