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A 33-year-old woman ran over to the runway in Bragi

The chairman of the PSD's Political Committee of the PSD in Bragi said today that the choice of André Coelha Lime for the census list in the Assembly of the Republic by the district "applauded" local social democratic structures.

José Manuel Fernandes, a spokesman for the news agency Lusa, said "the structure of the PSD district and all municipalities welcomed the appointment of André Coelho Lime at the top of the list of candidates for PSD representatives in Braga district in the next parliamentary elections," one reads.

According to MEPs, "André Coelho Lima is a PSD committee with political and professional evidence of recognized competence and added value for the Brage area, especially as a catalyst for options and strategic solutions that promote the region's potential and the value of social democracy in favor of citizens" .

José Manuel Fernandes also explained that "as part of the preparatory work and considering the composition of the candidate list for PSD representatives in Braga District," the District Political Committee, which met on Friday, decided to "send the PSD National Political Commission list of all PSD councils nominations for candidates for deputies, sorted in alphabetical order. "

From this indicative list stands out the name of Hugo Soares, who was already elected to represent Brage in the county body.

Hugo Soares is currently a deputy, since he was one of the most visible faces in opposition to Ruiem Rio within the party and louder supporters of Luisa Montenegro when he challenged Rio for direct elections.

In 2015, Braga, former Environmental Protection Minister, and then another in PSD Jorge Moreira da Silva, who won the district, elected 10 MPs, although two were from the CDS-PP (two parties applied for alliance),

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