Monday , January 18 2021

All measures of a new general prison, but with classroom instruction

Noh iextent change of the state of emergency in force, starting from Thursday, and extension for another fifteen days, until 30 January, The government this Wednesday set out a series of emergency measures to “limit proliferation pandemic and protect public health “.

Among the measures are restritions population circulation, mandatory teleworking and store closure, s exception facilities of essential goods and services.

General rules pass stay at home, limit contact with the household, reduce travel to essentials, wear a face mask protection, maintain physical distance, wash your hands and follow respiratory rules.

Closedness required

– General duty of the home collection, in which the “rule is to stay at home”, except relocation authorized;

– Travel authorized to purchase basic goods and services, performing activities attendance, school attendance, practice activity physical and sporting activities or participation in âextent election campaign or election of the President of the Republic;

Closedness mandatory for people infected as covid-19 or on alertncia active by decision of the health authorities.


– All educational institutions – kindergartens, schools and universities – are open in person;

– “Permanent campaign” of tests antigen in case detection schools infection gives covid-19.


– Obligation teleworking, whenever the functions in question allow, without the agreement of the parties;

– Disrespect teleworking It is insult very seriously.

Public services

– Public services provide face-to-face assistance by prior arrangement, and the provision of services through digital media and contact centers has been strengthened;

– Courts open.

Trade and services

– Open facilities such as grocery stores and supermarkets, capacity limited to five people per 100 square meters, but without time restrictions;

– Fairs and markets are allowed in case of sale of food products;

– Open offices, dentists and pharmacies;

– closed hairdressers and barbershops;

– Cultural facilities closed;

– Baths closed.

Restaurants, bars and cafes

– Catering and the like work exclusively for the purpose activity from delicacy intended for consumption outside the facility by home delivery or “carrying”.


– closed gymnasiums;

– Pavilions and other sports fields are closed, except for individual outdoor sports and activities training and competition;

– Stay inside activity as selects national teams and the 1st Senior Division, which includes the 1st Portuguese Football League but without an audience.

Religious ceremonies

– Religious ceremonies are allowed according to the rules Direction General health;

Support for activity economical

– Creating extraordinary support measures for workers and activity economic growth, taxpayers, sector culture, consumers and trade;

– Automatic access to simplified redundancies for companies forced to close.

Worsened sanctioning regime

– Modified mode counter-order e fines doubled during the state of emergency for non-compliance with combat measures pandemic;

Contradiction for non-examination upon arrival at the airport, with a fine of between 300 and 800 euros.

Fees and rates

– In home delivery services, commissions charged to restaurants limited to 20% and delivery fees cannot be increased;

– bottled gas (LPG) depending on maximum prices.

Presidential elections

– Exercising the right to early voting for voters who are in closedness compulsory, namely citizens residing in housing for the elderly;

– Allowed events are not meextent election campaign and election of the President of the Republic.

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