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And because it's Friday this Friday

We walk by the end of the year, we have already gone to black Friday, so new year is coming, much has changed the solemn calendar.

As far as our country is concerned, everything is fine, at the political level, there are the same, in football things are never uniform, but Jesus is always present and in everyday life people are now afraid of YouTube, Article 13 13 is always the number of chances, it must be so. Let's go to the mood. Come.

look at the pictures

Within ZIP there are more than 100 FANTASTIC images (for bearded and humorous people), here is a call to see and see the totality of the images.

And because it is Friday Friday this year [20.3 MB]



A couple in bed, almost asleep, her husband says:
– What a pity you're sleepy love, I was ready to fuck you …

Woman, excited, answers:
– About love, abuse, abuse!

The husband says:
– You'll get me a beer.

Johnny, at school, writes in the classroom: "John is good in bed!"

The next day it rewritten the message and it is repeated all week. It was already angry that the teacher left Johnny behind the class.

The next day is written under "Advertising is the soul of work!".

They met. They married. She had a terrible bad breath, terrible sweat from the foot. They had access to each other.

She clenched her mouth as she went on her nose and exclaimed:
– Honey, I have something to admit.

He, having felt the disturbing breath that carried those words, took advantage:
– I know. You swallowed my socks!

Several were bought at the mall when suddenly a woman sought her husband and noticed she was near.

Frightened, he grabbed the phone and called him:
"Oh no, how are you doing so you do not tell me where are you going?"

Where are you fucking, fucking?

Quietly explains:
"Dear hearts, you remember jewelery jewelry where you saw a diamond necklace and fell in love with it, but that day I did not have the money to buy, and I said,

"Love, one day it will be yours!"

Confused by the disgusting way he talked to her husband, she smiled from ear to ear, and with her glittering eyes answered:
– Oh, love, I remember! Of course, I remember!

"Well, then," he said, "I'm in the neighboring bar!"

The couple used to sleep tight as innocent babies.

Suddenly, about three o'clock in the morning, they hear sounds outside the room.

The woman, astonished and completely surprised, tells the man:
– Aaaaaiiiiiii, must be my husband !!! …

Man is surprised even without clothes, jump from the window and fall to the thorn plant.

For a few seconds he returned and said:
– Look at your killer … I'm your husband!

– Yes?!?!? And you jumped out the window, why?

This line has the support of our reader Joaua Pimentel


Chromos with a soundtrack … Come on

Let's give the wings of imagination … or something in that sense

Everywhere there is Maria Loyal and so on

None of it, they just entered the water … how drunk!

Coach, erotic? hmmm

sounds like Pôoo does not look at a man … a boy is a clown

Calm down, ready, can not you see the cat online?

This guy evaluates from anywhere … some colleagues already suspect in some pregnancy !!!

The lover's husband came home and this one even got the wings

More than 300 in the middle of highway traffic without speed limitation

Kind of madness, but sang … brutal

This one already brings the whole school

One day they start having a lock and will not play … in the test

Yes, congratulations on quality

Brutal images and new ways of wakeskating

600 000 Dominosa and many records hit … crazy!

Such health …

Trump Elvis? Americans are Americans

Soaps are not so good today.

After watching so many movies, they wanted to leave what?

Ken Block Utah Off-Road … very good!

Nobody talks about YouTube users about Article 13 …

Well, there's raining, maybe we did a canoe sometime, what do they say?

Second cover

A kind of magical snake

The magic of acoustics … and the brutal voice

The largest cow in Australia?

Because they do not know Paraguay … if they did not see what it was

Come here Moutinho, you win well!

Toy pays courtesy of heavy metal group …

Happiness protects courageously

The world is weird, but this is the fault of this mortar.

If they did not record, you would not even believe it

He almost took the paint off

There are dreams and then stupid things happen

Fantastic moments recorded on the video

Even you do not have to drink to break

She must have felt orgasm because of the destruction of these 3310, strong emotions !!!

It was fun to go paragliding … dassssss

Good drivers and happy dog.

This boy does not play all over the deck

MusicMania because today is Friday

Music will have its genesis, probably in prehistoric times! Originally by onomatopoeia, parallel to the development of the human species. Today, there will be something important in our everyday life,
sense, ethnic and idiosyncratic art. Here we will fight migrants, with some suggestions, news, forgotten treasures, casting a challenge, for pleasure lovers of real music should not be delayed.

This week highlights:


"The rewards to the people are made in life, after the death we celebrate his work."

On November 1, the death of Mestre António Sérgio ended a nine-year long stoppage.

Instead of the great astonishing odes (he did not appreciate "hacking") or lysergic preaching, I rather remember and celebrate with you his superlative work. With this scope, nothing better than going to the chest memory and reviving the pattern of his famous Rebellious List.

Someone who has always been in front of you and perhaps for this reason, sometimes misunderstood, provocative, has never turned the face up, perhaps "captain" on April 25 of Lusitan melomania.

Thank you teacher.

Playlist for the week

That line was supported by our reader André Pinto

Good weekend!

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