Sunday , April 11 2021

Android wants to help apps monitor their users ’sleep

Smartphones permanently present in our daily lives can collect useful and detailed information about users. This is often integrated with devices like smart bands or smart watches, which complement each other.

If Android didn’t have a dedicated way to collect sleep data by now, Google has decided to change this scenario. There is now an API dedicated to this feature that can be used by all developers.

Android Google API su dormir

Although we don’t see it, our smartphones can generate a constant flow of user information. More than usage data, these sensors can determine the user's position, the environment in which he is, and even if he is awake or asleep.

This information is already used by many applications to determine patterns in many scenarios, including sleep, although without much detail. There are several applications that promise to assess the way you sleep and the way the user rests.

Because Google wanted to help developers and give them even more tools and access to information. For that, he created what he called the Sleep API, dedicated to providing information about the sleep of Android users.

The way Google will record and make sleep records available is also already known. The first which gives "confidence in sleep", which is reported at regular intervals (up to 10 minutes), and the second daily, which is recorded after the detection of the user's awakening.

Android Google API su dormir

What Google wants with the Sleep API is to create a standard for measuring sleep on Android. So far, applications have been in charge of this measurement, using sensors and creating their algorithms. With this novelty, it becomes standardized and enables greater trust in data.

The new API can already be explored by developers, and will already be on Android smartphones. It arrived with the latest version of the Play Store and is available to everyone so they can use apps with this new feature.

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