Sunday , January 17 2021

Bad weather: around 400 floods in Lisbon and Setubal

Rainfall has caused about 400 floods in homes and roads in the Lisbon and Setubal districts, most often under the influence of floods between 00:00 and 21:00, Civil Protection claims.

In the updated Lusu report, the National Civil Protection Agency (ANPC) recorded a total of 684 situations due to bad weather throughout the continental area in the same period.

According to ANPC, Lisbon district had 248 floods and Setúbal 133.

Poor weather conditions also caused the fall of the trees (55) and the structures (20) and landslides (35) across the continent and forced the roads to be cleaned (53).

Bad weather causes flooding and falling trees in Lisbon

Most of the floods in Lisbon occurred in the parishes of Benfica and Penha de França.

Still, to the municipality, bad weather caused a fall of four trees in the city.

The National Agency for Civil Society Protection (ANPC) has registered 472 weather weathers all over the country until 16:00, and about half took place in Lisbon.

ANPC's statement said that 370 out of 472 events, registered between 00:00 and 16:00, referred to floods.

The Lisbon district was the most heavily affected by heavy rain that began to fall from the late morning, with 213 floods, according to civilian protection.

The same source suggests that municipalities are most affected by Sintra, Cascais and Lisbon, but the effects of rain in the capital are not included, which is the responsibility of the fire brigade.

Dozens of streets cut off from traffic

Due to bad times, dozens of streets had to be temporarily suspended for traffic, PSP Metropolitan Command Lisbon said.

The same source said that heavy rains led to traffic restrictions on the car with a temporary cut of some roads, namely in the capital, Sintra, Oeiras, Cascais and Vila Franca de Xira.

According to the PSP, floods were the main cause of road blockades, but there are still traffic restrictions associated with falling trees and landslides.

The source also said that the PSP began receiving the first warning calls related to the bad weather forecast of 10:20 and mostly related to floods.

Civil protection also in the Lisbon area has material damage due to flooding in garages and cellars, as well as cases of sunken cars.

ANPC bad warnings last until 12:00 on Monday.

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