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BALL – British advance reason for United to give up Bruno Fernandes (Sporting)

After many advances and setbacks, Manchester United have decided not to move on to signing Bruno Fernandes, for whom Sporting has asked for € 70m. It can be read from the sports supplement of the British Daily Mail that Manchester United did indeed closely monitor Leon's player, but his observers eventually determined that Bruno Fernandes' playing style was not appropriate. coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Coach of red devils privileged possession of the ball and scout from the club have shown concern about this feature of the Sporting midfielder. Although he plays in an advanced position with striker Bruno Fernandes, he averaged 75.1 percent of his total passes last season. The Daily Mail, by comparison, points out that Paul Pogba completed 82.8 percent of passes, while Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne, when playing in a similar position, averaged more than 82 percent.

Adding to that, constant news across the media about the club's interest in the player eventually led to the withdrawal, although, according to the Daily Mail, tightening the link remains a priority for the next. portable window in january.


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