Sunday , March 7 2021

BALL – Pinto da Costa wants 2021 (FC Porto)

In the first issue of the year of the magazine ‘DragonsPinto da Costa, president of FC Porto, has reconciled the main wishes for 2021.

One of those wishes is, of course, an end to the pandemic and a return to normal, so that “fans can return to stadiums and pavilions to watch sports shows”, but the president of the blue and whites is more detailed: and represents Portugal at the highest level in the world’s toughest competitions, and sports justice will strive to be fair, without looking at the names of clubs and agents and without deciding on personal preferences from those who must be absolutely exempt. “

From a political point of view, he hopes that “the fundamental law of the country, which in 1976 determined that Portugal should be divided into administrative regions,” will be implemented.

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