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Bruna Marquezine is staring at the stars in the hut: "Stop talking b ****"

Bruna Marquezina is one of the great names of Brazilian television. He soon became famous for a large number of roles on a small screen. Recently, Bruna participated in the Gramado Film Festival, in the south of the country. She is one of the figures that are part of the movie "I'm gonna give you".

However, actress's involvement has caused controversy in social networks. Some followers humiliated Bruno, claiming it was a subcelebration. All because, for the follower, Marquezine did not properly publish the festival and the award that competed in the film in which she participated.

According to hooligans, Bruna has discredited one of the biggest festivals in Latin America and prefers to be known as the former Neymar football player known all over the world.

"Needlessly nothing." But that could be expected. is not [se] esteemed as an artist, just wants to call someone's ex-boyfriend! They should inspire Isabella [Drummond] or Marina [Ruy Barbosa]! Bruna turned her aroundb, "the fan said, attacking and humiliating the celebrity actress.

She, however, did not listen to insults and was involved in an internet hack, even a swearing. The recipe of the celebration surprised many people who follow Marquez on their Instagram.

"Dude, stop talking shit like you know something." I went to work. Now I'm wrong. I have no patience to pretend to pretend to be a fan, " said the actress, who recently admitted to studying more acting. The study was motivated after the criticism she received while the novel God had saved the King.

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