Tuesday , June 15 2021

Câmara do Porto says it has "original documents" that prove that Selminho is your country Rui Moreira

For the second time, in court, technicians of the Porto Chamber of Commerce guarantee that part of the land on the slope of Arrábide, which in 2001 bought real estate agency Selminho from the family Rui Moreira the parka, having autarchy since 1950. "

With great experience in the field of cartography and cadastre, as well as in the Porto Chamber's Heritage Inventory, Maria da Conceição Costa, yesterday testified at the second session of Selminho's trial that "there are documents proving" that country is municipal. Here I have original documents. There is a court document because it was the process of expropriation, "said a technique that has co-ordinated the Municipal Heritage Inventory Project since 2012.

In the 35th year of work at the Council of Porto, the engineer showed good knowledge of the area he is in, since it was analyzed for geo reference in January 2015. In this context, he mentioned that more than 60% of the land plots were already georeferenced in this process which already account for more than eight thousand registered processes.

When asked about the context in which he analyzed the land Selminho claims to be his own, the former head of the Cartography Department and the cadastre of the Porto Chamber municipality stated that he was "in the normal context of work", which is clear that he has nothing to do with Selminho's case.

Maria da Conceição revealed that her colleague, who works in the same room, who in 2016 discovered that the land Selminho presented for construction "identified" on the newspaper map [PUBLICO] was the local authority.

"We do not want to know, but once you know, you have to report higher," he said, adding "no one wanted to believe [Departamento Municipal do] Which in his opinion was "somebody's land" and that the chamber cleaned regularly, And, several times, he said: "The camera has cleansed [aquela parcela], but did not have to clean it. I even suggested that you register for usukaption, since we had to clean up. "

Focusing on municipal land, which is referred to as "parcel B", the Municipal Heritage Inventory project coordinator said it had a surface of 2,356 meters. "" That was the value I achieved in 2015, "he said spontaneously.

Saying her work "found missing documents" in connection with the registration of a building, Maria da Conceição Costa left a guarantee that it will find in the land records Arrábida, if a document is missing. That is because – convinced – "they do not throw anything in the chamber".

For today, Friday, it is envisaged to visit the Escarpment land court, which is being conducted within the verdict. The next session of a civil case following a civil case filed by the municipality in 2017 is scheduled for November 14.

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