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Cape Verde says it will support mother who abandoned newborn | Lisbon

The Cape Verdean Embassy in Portugal announced on Friday that it will make efforts to "gather more information" and provide all necessary support to the young mother, who left her newborn baby in Lisbon on Tuesday.

"In light of the news of a 22-year-old Cape Verdean woman who left her newborn son in a trash can, the Cape Verdean Embassy in Portugal reports that it is taking steps to gather more and better information about the case and provide all the support it needs," social network Facebook.

In a note, the embassy explains that situations of this nature are associated with "cases of deep despair, great anxiety, or very strong emotional imbalances." "In these situations, it is always wiser to understand appropriate actions than to condemn them initially, on the assumption of deliberate cruelty," he says, considering that Portuguese President Marcel Rebel de Sousa's words were "reasonable and deep humanism."

Authorities were received Tuesday at 5.30pm to alert newborns found in a garbage can at Avenida Infante D. Henrique, near the Santa Apolónia River Station and near a nightlife facility. The newborn was found homeless, still with traces of umbilical cord, the source explained at the time of the PSP, adding that the baby was later transported to Dona Estefânia Hospital in Lisbon, inspiring some care.

The mother of the child, arrested at dawn on Thursday in Lisbon, was questioned at the Lisbon Criminal Investigation Tribunal, and custody was ordered. A 22-year-old defendant has been charged with qualifying homicide in an attempt.

According to PJ, the infant's mother acted alone and never revealed her pregnancy to anyone, living in a "very unsafe public way" situation. At a news conference late Friday morning, Paulo Rebelo, the head of Lisbon and Tagus Valley, explained that the woman could not resist arrest in the city of Lisbon. The official added that the woman was aware, without mental disorders, of showing no signs of drug use.

Paulo Rebelo reported that the birth was "performed on a public road, near the place where the baby was found," and that the woman was not admitted to any hospital, declining to disclose whether she was monitored at any health center, She has no criminal record. she was found alone and "never declared or declared any pregnancy to anyone," she added.

PJ was able to reach the mother of the infant after reporting "countless and ongoing atrocities" without explaining them to the press, which allowed for the "location, identification and custody" of the young woman. About the father of the infant, Paulo Rebelo stated that the same was "not in the city or region", but that these facts are yet to be established.

On Thursday, the head of the neonatal intensive care unit at Dona Estefânia Hospital said the newborn was a "healthy baby" and could be clinically discharged within 48 hours. Daniel Virella explained that a child's discharge depends on the state's decision to welcome him, namely the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth, noting that "there is nothing clinically preventing it from being discharged."

After being admitted to the emergency room at the Dona Estefânia Children's Hospital, where he needed "almost minimal care," the newborn was transferred to the Alfredo da Costa Maternity Hospital for "not needing complex medical and surgical care."

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