Friday , February 26 2021

Euromillionaire suffered from a Jaguar accident at Marco de Canaveses

Amalia de Jesus, Arizona, a natural freeman, Marco de Canaveses, was in collision this Friday. The woman was not hurt, but she saw Jaguar injured.

According to Correio da Manhã, the winner of 40m euros in 2013, hit a lightweight car after the curve.

Jaguar F Type, led by Amalia de Jesus, ended up swirling the trail and fell into operation, losing the rear wheel.

GNR Marco de Canaveses identified the driver of another car, Opel Corse, which would cause an accident.

According to the newspaper, Amalia de Jesus did not need help and the car was transferred to the brand workshop.

This is not, for the first time, the first time that the Euroregion is involved in misfortune.

In 2016, he destroyed the Maserati estimated at 200,000 euros, also in collision.

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